Category: Career Advice

  • Supply Chain, Procurement & Operations Q1 2024 Market Update


    General Observations Throughout Q1, the job market for Supply Chain, Operations, and Procurement remained highly dynamic, witnessing robust activity across organisations of varying sizes, from industry giants to agile SMEs. Notably, there was a surge in mid-level and junior positions, with a slight easing in demand for senior roles. Persistent challenges include the struggle to… Read more

  • Technology Q1 2024 Market Update


    General Observations The technology job market in Ireland during the first quarter of 2024 has shown promising signs of recovery compared to the previous year. The technology sector remains resilient despite external uncertainties, demonstrating its importance to the Irish economy. Companies are increasingly focusing on digital transformation initiatives, driving demand for professionals with expertise in… Read more

  • Individual Accountability Framework: The impact on attracting and retaining staff


    “Communication with employees is vital to demystify the regulation and those firms who do this most effectively will be the ones who can better attract the talent they want when they need it.” Read more

  • Curriculum Vitae Preparation

    You will receive a better response to your CV if it is well written, organised, and relevant. This can be challenging because you ideally need to limit the length to 3 pages and in addition you need to ensure that it is relevant and not laborious to the reader. Very often it is your first… Read more

  • Fund Services & Asset Management Q3 2023 Market Update


    General observations After a challenging year in the recruitment market, the recent quarter has brought promising indicators of increased activity. Candidates are selective in their job searches, continue to be heavily influenced by salary considerations, alongside a growing emphasis on flexibility, work-life balance and clear pathways to career progression. Many are now seeking employers who… Read more

  • Sales & Marketing Q3 2023 Market Update


    General Observations With summer, there is always a slowdown in candidate and client movement, and this Q3 was no different. In particular this was compounded due to a tentative market and everyone enjoying the sun.   June saw a “sprint” from clients to get candidates over the line, but July and August showed the usual delays… Read more

  • Legal Q3 2023 Market Update


    General Observations 2023 has been a busy year in the Irish Legal market with the continued trend of international law firms setting up here showing no signs of slowing. Ireland is considered to be thriving, with the majority of these firms increasing their headcount this year, with further plans to continue that growth into 2024.… Read more

  • Compliance & Risk Q3 2023 Market Update


    General Observations During the summer months we saw a slight decline in the number of new roles coming to market across the Compliance & Risk professions, part of a common trend across the Financial Services sector as a whole. While this would be a seasonal occurrence anyhow, this year it’s also the result of the… Read more

  • Insurance Q3 2023 Market Update


    General Observations The broking landscape continues to be affected by mergers and acquisitions leading to restructuring within well established organisations. This is an area which has seen continuous change over the last number of years and in contrary to mergers shortening the market we have also experienced more companies entering the market this quarter. Outsurance… Read more

  • Technology Q3 2023 Market Update


    General Observations After what has been a challenging start to the year in Tech staffing, the post Summer months have brought with them green shoots. Although employers are heading into Q4 with a continued air of caution, hiring within Tech is being seen across all industries borne from growth rather than attrition. From what has… Read more