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The Most In-demand Skills for 2019 According to Linkedin

Lincoln Recruitment / January 18, 2019

For professionals on the market for a new job in 2019 those with the right hard skills will not find the 2019 job market quite as challenging. According to analysis from networking site LinkedIn, 2019’s employers are looking for a combination of both hard and soft skills, with creativity topping the list of desired attributes. Having analysed data … Continued

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From COO to CEO: Ensuring a Smooth Succession

Shay Dalton / January 17, 2019

An Accenture study found that approximately one in nine COOs moved into the CEO’s shoes within a year of their departure and that half of COOs see themselves as the “heir apparent. Yet remarkably few companies have a comprehensive succession plan in place to make that transition successful. With this in mind, we look to further … Continued

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10 Reasons Why you Should do the ACCA Exams

Matthew Roberts / January 15, 2019

In today’s current climate, being a qualified accountant has never been more important. After the credit crunch and ensuing financial crisis in 2008 the emphasis on comprehensively audited accounts and accurate financial information to stakeholders has been under an infinitely higher level of scrutiny. This in turn has led to new and ever changing IFRS® … Continued

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Calling all Accounting Graduates – Multiple roles Graduate Training Scheme with leading firm

Jessica Moroney / January 11, 2019

Tax / Accounting / Investment Advisory Graduate Training Scheme Full Time | Permanent | Attractive salary including study leave and support | Dublin City Centre   Our client, a highly regarded and leading independent Private Clients firm is seeking to hire a small number of graduates for their training programme scheduled to begin this August/September. … Continued

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15 Business and Sports Books That Will Optimise The Way You Work

Lincoln Recruitment / December 27, 2018

At any time in your career, you can undergo a transformational experience, and a book might be your major catalyst for change. There’s always room for improvement, and there’s nothing better than learning from the best. We’ve assembled this list of the “best of the best” for your reading pleasure and continued professional growth; you’ll be … Continued

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The Job Interview: A Two Way Street

Laura Murtagh / December 18, 2018

Many employers assume that an interview is all about their choice: who will be the best, most qualified, and most competent candidate for the job? However, the truth is that interviewing should be treated as a two-way street: not only do employers need to gather the information they need to make an informed choice, but … Continued

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National Survey Reveals Business & Employee Optimism Despite Brexit Unpredictability

Orla Doyle / December 4, 2018

Lincoln Salary & Employment Insights Report findings: What’s the most demanded employee benefit, which sectors plan high recruitment and where’s the biggest talent crisis? Lincoln Salary Survey 2019 launch pictured (l/r) Alan Ahearne and Shay Dalton. Photo Chris Bellew. The Lincoln Salary and Employment Insights Survey shows strong business and employee confidence across the majority of … Continued

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How To Resign Correctly: 5 Unwritten Rules

Brendan Mullins / November 20, 2018

Are you planning on leaving a job in the near future? Make sure you consider how you plan to resign from your job. Doing it the wrong way can lead to bad feelings between you and your employer, recriminations or even a bad reference. On the other side, correct resignation etiquette will contribute to continued … Continued

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Advice When Preparing for a Consulting Interview

John Macklin / November 7, 2018

Having worked with some of the world’s leading management consultancies helping them to attract talent from Partners to Analysts, Owen Thomas offers some insight into what to expect from an interview in the sector. Management consultancies typically have 2 or 3 rounds of interviews depending on the seniority of the position. They are almost always … Continued

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How to Transition from CFO to a CEO

Shay Dalton / October 11, 2018

What Skills Does A CEO Need? The ability to hold a vision and engage in long term thinking is a crucial trait that a CEO will need to keep the company focused over the long term in reaching goals that have definitive and positive impact. A C-level worker will already have certain skills that make … Continued

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