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  • The Essential Manager: 10 Core Elements of Leadership

    Most good managers are made through practice, and not born, and the really great ones are those who look at what skills they need and then go about developing them through a personal improvement plan until they are second nature. A quote from Vince Lombardi sums this up perfectly when it comes to building and honing […]

  • Launch of the Early Career Awards 2023

    “The award is holistic in nature and it takes into account any obstacles people have overcome to get to where they are, it takes into account their personality and presentation and that is why all the finalists are interviewed by our wonderful panel of judges”

  • Funds & Banking Q2 2023 Market Update

    General observations There was an initial cooling within the Funds market from the frenetic activity of the previous two years. Despite some recent negative market sentiment across the Tech and Financial Services industries, Fund Administrators have remained committed to hiring externally and the market remains very candidate driven. Whilst we have seen a partial decline […]

  • HR Q2 2023 Market Update

    General Observations Over the second quarter of 2023, there has been strong activity in the HR Recruitment space. Most notably, there has been a surge in Talent Acquisition professionals entering the market. This is largely due to the well-publicised tech layoffs from key players in the industry. Lincoln HR successfully executed 3 Talent Acquisitions briefs […]

  • Legal Q2 2023 Market Update

    General observations It is clear from assessing Q2 market conditions in the legal space that it is an opportune time to kickstart or progress your career as a legal professional. The legal support staff market is thriving at the moment and it is very much at the behest of the candidate. In particular, the demand […]

  • Technology Q2 2023 Market Update

    General Observations There’s no secret that the demand in Technology staffing experienced a turbulent start in 2023. Given job performance over the last number of years, a cooling was inevitable. This has been felt across Q1 and Q2 in most sectors of IT. Given most announcements have significantly impacted the larger players across Technology, interestingly […]

  • Compliance & Risk Q2 2023 Market Update

    General Observations As the year has progressed, we have seen a slight softening in demand for Compliance & Risk professionals as many organisations tighten their belts and bed down the numerous hires made in recent months and years. There was certainly a much more cautious approach to recruitment in Q2, not just within Compliance & […]

  • Half Year Economic Outlook with Jim Power

    There is no greater manifestation on the ground in an economy in terms of real economic activity than what we’re collecting on the tax side. JIM POWER On the first of our webinar series, leading economist Jim Power dives into the Irish tax figures from the first 6 months of 2023, international trends, national employment […]

  • Examples of intelligent interview questions to ask at the end of an interview

    “Do you have any questions for me? The most common feedback we receive from a client post interview with a candidate is “they didn’t ask any questions”. So, why is it so important to ask questions? Asking intelligent and high impact questions can demonstrate your knowledge, but more than anything it gives an insight into […]

  • 4 Things Your LinkedIn Profile Says About You

    In recent years, LinkedIn has become a vital career-enhancing tool for all career professionals looking to network and seek out new opportunities. According to LinkedIn over 75% of people who changed jobs used LinkedIn to inform their career decision. Furthermore social professional networks are the number one source for quality hires. Given these statistics, treating […]


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