Supply Chain, Procurement & Operations Q1 2024 Market Update

General Observations

Throughout Q1, the job market for Supply Chain, Operations, and Procurement remained highly dynamic, witnessing robust activity across organisations of varying sizes, from industry giants to agile SMEs. Notably, there was a surge in mid-level and junior positions, with a slight easing in demand for senior roles. Persistent challenges include the struggle to attract qualified candidates amidst rising living costs and a housing crunch, deterring some from pursuing desirable opportunities.

The scarcity of qualified candidates has directly impacted supply chain roles, posing challenges for client companies aiming to expand due to a shortage of skilled personnel.

Current Dynamics

The market landscape is intensely competitive, with companies vying for top talent. Candidates increasingly prioritise work-life balance, gravitating towards employers offering comprehensive benefits packages, especially those supporting hybrid work arrangements.

Skills in demand

  • Procurement Specialists
  • Warehouse Supervisors/Team Leaders
  • Import/Export Officers
  • Demand Planners
  • Buyers
  • Health and Safety Professionals

Advice to jobseekers

For those embarking on a job search, thorough preparation is paramount. Clearly define your primary motivations for change, whether driven by salary, location, or career progression. Research prospective employers to gauge company culture, leveraging insights from recruiters or existing employees. Finding the perfect role may require some compromise—be open to adjusting salary expectations in exchange for job satisfaction and long-term career growth.

Outlook for Q2

Looking ahead to Q2, expect a steady stream of job opportunities, albeit with potential delays in recruitment processes during the summer months when hiring managers take vacation breaks. Supply chain roles remain in high demand, particularly in sectors like logistics, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and international freight operations.

Companies may increasingly explore international talent pools, offering visa sponsorship to attract skilled candidates. To navigate the competitive hiring landscape, businesses offering attractive compensation, robust benefits, and flexible work arrangements will maintain a strategic edge.

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Head Of Supply Chain Recruitment
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