Author: Shay Dalton

  • The Benefits of Mentorship in Business

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    The concept of mentorship traces back to the character of Mentor in Greek Mythology in Homer’s Odyssey. Odysseus, King of Ithica, asks his trusted companion, Mentor, to keep watch over his son, Telemachus, while he is away. Mentor acts as a guide to Telemachus, supporting him in his father’s absence. The term mentor then became used more… Read more

  • The Myth of “Loving the Work You Do”

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    As the age-old saying goes, ‘If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life’. But how true is it? For most people, loving what you do comes at a cost. And loving what you do may not be as fulfilling as you’re led to believe. It is natural for humans… Read more

  • How to Achieve Peak Performance


    What does it mean for a person to function at their peak? Peak performance means that all basic needs are met so the mind and body are nourished, which allows for the highest level of success. It’s about long-term, consistent, and sustainable growth. Often, peak performance is a term used in the athletics world. Athletes… Read more

  • The Power of the Subconscious Mind

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    We spend most of our time on autopilot. Everything we do, from breathing to walking, to eating and having a conversation, occurs automatically as a way for our brain to preserve energy for what it considers more important tasks. This is the subconscious mind at work. Freud developed the 3-level model of the mind, which is… Read more

  • The Value of Humble Leadership

    Introduction Trying to be the best CEO for the company can be a difficult position to discern. CEO’s have to consider how they appear to others, in particular the board and the company employees. Confidence must be exuded from any CEO to provide that front-line face of security that investors and all stakeholders of a… Read more

  • How HR departments are adapting to the new ways of work


    It goes without saying that professionals across all areas of business, regardless of the discipline or industry has had to adapt to new ways of working and operating as a result of the pandemic. None of these more so than those working within HR. With the digital transformation of recent years, those working within HR… Read more

  • How to optimise your recruitment process amid COVID-19

    How to optimise your recruitment process amid COVID-19 During these unprecedented times, recruitment and selection is still a priority for organisations to try to maintain revenue and growth targets. While the business environment is certainly much more challenging, the COVID-19 crisis will pass. Firms that are positioned with the best talent during these times and… Read more

  • Lincoln Winners for Recruitment Services at the 2019 InBusiness Awards


    A prestigious list of Irish businesses came together on Wednesday, December 12th to celebrate their excellent achievements over the course of 2019, for the 8th consecutive year of the InBusiness Recognition Awards, which was held at the Westbury Hotel, Dublin. The InBusiness Recognition Awards 2019 recognised outstanding accomplishments in the Irish business community. Winners were… Read more

  • A New Decade of Work: Launch of the Lincoln Salary & Employment Insights Survey 2020


    Fast track promotion, flexible working conditions and an emphasis on wellbeing are just some of the issues employees consider when taking on a new role. Despite an optimistic outlook being maintained by employers and employees for 2019, new research from Lincoln Recruitment specialist’s ‘a new decade of work’ salary and employment insights has revealed a… Read more

  • Winners Announced: 2019 Lincoln Irish Early Career Awards


    The 4th annual Lincoln Irish Early Career Awards celebrated the most ambitious young Irish professionals across industries  such as marketing, digital, finance and law. Supported by KBC Bank, the Lincoln Recruitment Irish Early Career Awards recognises business talents under the age of 35. Eamon Fennell, a former All Ireland GAA footballer for Dublin and current… Read more