Author: Gail Finegan

  • Lending More Than a Hand to Dublin’s Homeless

    “Rather than doing the usual corporate function to mark International Women’s Day 2024 we felt it was a great opportunity to shine a light on the incredible work organisations such as A Lending Hand are doing day in day out to help vulnerable women in our community. Some of the Lincoln team walked the streets… Read more

  • Launch of the Early Career Awards 2023


    “The award is holistic in nature and it takes into account any obstacles people have overcome to get to where they are, it takes into account their personality and presentation and that is why all the finalists are interviewed by our wonderful panel of judges” Read more

  • The Rise of CMO’s: 5 Skills Marketers Bring to the Position of CEO

    In the 21st-century, corporations are looking beyond the traditional pool of CEO candidates to find leaders who can meet all the challenges of the digital world. Enter CMOs. Reebok, Saatchi & Saatchi, Dick’s, KFC, and QuickenLoans are all major companies that have hired former CMOs as their CEOs. In fact, a recent study found that 25% of CEOs… Read more

  • New Recruiting Role: The Rise of the Employer Branding Specialist

    The Rise of the Employer Branding Specialist It’s a new year, and with it comes new challenges, trends and forecasts for the recruitment industry in 2019. One of the big HR and recruitment trends for the year ahead is the rise in employer branding. The Irish Independent highlight this as educating talent on “company culture… Read more

  • The Great Irish Standoff

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    If remote work is the hottest benefit since company cars in the 80’s then why are so many companies in Ireland holding back from committing to even a hybrid model? From what we can see in the marketplace two things are happening: 1) Employees are threatening to leave should they not get offered fully remote… Read more