Author: Lee Doheny

  • HR Q2 2023 Market Update


    General Observations Over the second quarter of 2023, there has been strong activity in the HR Recruitment space. Most notably, there has been a surge in Talent Acquisition professionals entering the market. This is largely due to the well-publicised tech layoffs from key players in the industry. Lincoln HR successfully executed 3 Talent Acquisitions briefs […] Read more

  • 4 Rules for Creating a ‘Perfect CV’


    As recruiters, we often get asked about the rules for creating a ‘perfect CV’. A quick search online will bring up hundreds if not thousands of articles on this very subject with advice from ‘experts’ about the rules for creating a perfect CV. Let me save you some time, in my experience, there are 4 […] Read more

  • 6 Essential Skills of a HR Manager in 2018

    Human Resources is a fundamental component of any organisation’s internal business structure. HR managers are required to plan, coordinate and monitor all other divisions within the organisation, and staff retention and talent management strategies are both core elements of this role. HR managers and their teams require leadership, setting the benchmark for the company’s code […] Read more

  • How to Choose and Partner with a Recruiter


    How to Choose and Partner with a Recruiter Many people start out their careers with a particular company, often through a graduate program or traineeship, and spend a number of years there before deciding they want a change. Then, some will go to job boards and apply for positions they see advertised. Others will be uncomfortable sending […] Read more