Author: Adrian Marples

  • Compliance & Risk Q1 2024 Market Update

    General Observations Following a year of heightened caution in terms of recruitment activity and a spotlight on cost control across the Financial Services landscape , 2024 has begun with more optimism, confidence and fluidity in the market, both in terms of job flow and employees’ appetite to move. That said, we are nowhere near the levels of the… Read more

  • Compliance & Risk Q3 2023 Market Update


    General Observations During the summer months we saw a slight decline in the number of new roles coming to market across the Compliance & Risk professions, part of a common trend across the Financial Services sector as a whole. While this would be a seasonal occurrence anyhow, this year it’s also the result of the… Read more

  • Compliance & Risk Q2 2023 Market Update


    General Observations As the year has progressed, we have seen a slight softening in demand for Compliance & Risk professionals as many organisations tighten their belts and bed down the numerous hires made in recent months and years. There was certainly a much more cautious approach to recruitment in Q2, not just within Compliance &… Read more

  • Your Job Search amid Covid-19: Tips & Actions to Consider


    Ireland’s unemployment rate stood at 4.8 percent in February 2020, compared with 5.0 percent in the corresponding month of 2019 (source). Now, over four months on, it’s difficult to quantify how many people face unemployment. So, if you are now job hunting amid Covid-19 here are a number of tips and actions to keep in… Read more

  • Covid-19 – A message to our clients and candidates – Lincoln Recruitment


    Lincoln Recruitment Covid-19 Update We are taking this opportunity to keep you updated on the measures Lincoln Recruitment is taking to ensure the safety of our people and the delivery of our service. As you know, this is an ever-evolving situation without business precedence, however, we are well-prepared with robust measures in place to protect our service delivery while remaining flexible… Read more

  • Is Your Next Job A Poisoned Chalice? How to Assess the Job on Offer


    Does Fortune Really Favour the Brave and Bold? The Latin proverb indicates that fortune favours the brave and bold, but when it comes to your career how much of a risk are you prepared to take? High profile candidates often enjoy a corporate buffet of prospects, job offers placed squarely on the table that could… Read more

  • Should I Take The Job? 5 Key Questions to Help you Decide

    Should I stay or should I go? You’ve been through the extensive interview process, and have been anxiously awaiting the outcome. You feel the interview went well, but nothing’s a given in today’s job market. To your delight, you are offered the role, but your glee is soon replaced by hesitancy – do you definitely… Read more

  • The Challenges Of Compliance And Risk Recruitment In Ireland

    The Challenges Of Compliance And Risk Recruitment In Ireland Risk recruitment and compliance recruitment are the foundation for supporting your risk and compliance departments. These areas have become ever growing business functions in recent years. With advances in digital communications, technology and with cyber-security growing as a real threat, businesses have had to adapt their… Read more