Author: Shannon Molloy

  • Legal Q2 2023 Market Update


    General observations It is clear from assessing Q2 market conditions in the legal space that it is an opportune time to kickstart or progress your career as a legal professional. The legal support staff market is thriving at the moment and it is very much at the behest of the candidate. In particular, the demand… Read more

  • How to Become a Solicitor in Ireland

    Whether you are looking to start your career or make a career change to become a legal professional, there are a few things you must do before you can begin practicing. There are a series of steps you must follow including examinations, practical training and additional course study to be a practicing solicitor in Ireland.… Read more

  • Why should you use a legal recruiter?

    Your choice of a recruiter — and the way you manage the process — will have a profound impact on your short-term and long-term opportunities. How well you work with your legal recruiter will directly influence how successful the legal recruiter is in working with you. Here are some reasons why you should choose to… Read more

  • Gender Diversity in Ireland’s Legal Sector

    Female solicitors now outnumber male solicitors The movement to increase the diversity in law and provide a more equitable balance between females to males is an on-going international movement. Ireland, however, shows the most conspicuous change. According to Irish, females now make up about 52% of the Irish solicitor workforce. At the end of… Read more

  • How to negotiate pay – for both employers and employees

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    Money can be a difficult and awkward matter to discuss, both on behalf of the employer and the employee. Negotiating a salary in the first place and hence negotiating a pay rise once in a role, is something many of us try and avoid or don’t know how to handle. Likewise for an employer, when… Read more

  • What Are The Specific Steps For Effective Legal Recruitment In Ireland?

    The demand for quality legal personnel in Ireland continues to grow, with companies of all sizes looking to attract talent across a broad range of legal disciplines. Current issues such as Brexit, combined with a favourable corporation tax, means the country is increasingly being seen as a destination of choice for companies looking to do… Read more