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  • Does Culture Still Eat Strategy For Breakfast? If So, What’s the Recipe for Success?

    “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” was a quote articulated by Peter Drucker that later percolated into mainstream media thanks to Ford CEO Mark Fields. It implies that the determinants of a company’s long-term success revolve more around the culture they cultivate than the strategy they formulate. Whether that quote is true or not is a… Read more

  • The Importance of an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) in a Competitive Market

    Hyper-competition demands a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Compared to just a few years ago, candidates now have far more power during the job search. According to our research, current job market is 88% candidate driven. That means you don’t pick talent anymore. Talent picks you. Today’s workforce, especially with the emergence of millennials, seek meaningful positions that grow them… Read more