The Job Search Strategy: Finding Jobs In Finance in Dublin

This guide will help you identify and apply for jobs in finance in Dublin.

Why Dublin?

Dublin is a major financial center, recently ranked as the second most attractive finance hub in Europe by the PWC Global Economy Watch. With this, it is an incredibly competitive jobs market, with competition for top jobs in finance at an all-time high requiring a specific and targeted job search strategy. 

Your Job Search Strategy

Professional jobs in finance in Dublin are not casually advertised – financial institutions typically go through the proper channels and selected recruitment agencies to get a more precise view of the candidates on offer. This streamlines their activity so they can find the correct candidate without wasting time or resources processing hundreds of disparate applications. They don’t want a large number of applications – they want a select number of qualified applicants.  

As you begin your job search in Dublin, one of the first ports of call will be to sign up to job boards. Most relevant in Ireland for Finance professionals are EFinancials, Irish Jobs, Monster and Indeed and also actively keeping an eye on Linkedin and Glassdoor jobs. Additionally, keep an eye on finance industry news sites such as, Irish Funds and the IDA website to keep your finger on the pulse of the market and be notified of job announcements in Ireland and companies that are hiring. To fast track your search, make sure you set up job alerts on LinkedIn and job boards so that you are being informed on a daily/weekly basis of new opportunities by sector and title without having to conduct a search.

Before you go looking for a finance role in Dublin, it is best to clarify your personal expectations first. Write down what kind of role you are looking for, what your skillset is, what you would like to learn in the future, and what kind of remuneration you expect. Not only will this help when negotiating with employers, but it will serve to personally clarify your expectations. 

Find a Recruitment Agency that Specialises in Jobs in Finance

”Having the right finance recruitment agency represent you will be critical in helping you get the offer you deserve, and more importantly, will be happy with long term”.
Next, you have to choose the right recruitment agency that specialises in obtaining jobs in FinanceHaving the right finance recruitment agency represent you will be critical in helping you get the offer you deserve, and more importantly, will be happy with long term. While there are a multitude of recruitment agencies geared towards the finance sector, job seekers are advised to perform extensive research to land on the ones that can accelerate their journey to their desired employment. By following the three-step process listed in this article on how to choose the right recruitment partner, candidates can better organise a key aspect of this search.

Practical Considerations in the Job Search

In addition to finding the right role, there are a number of practical elements to acquiring a finance job in Dublin. At a bare minimum, you need to:

  • Ensure that your CV is up to date – consider going to a specialist for CV writing services
  • Have a solid and optimised LinkedIn profile – most employers want to see a strong profile detailing your experience and interests to date. 
  • Have a strong reference from past employment, preferably in a financial services environment.  
  • Stay abreast of industry-wide and company-specific news events, and form an opinion on current developments and news items.  It is likely to come up during the interview process. 

It goes without saying that excellent interpersonal skills are needed. First impressions count, and there is significant research to indicate that the first hour of contact is where the core relationship is established, and that this impression is long-lasting. Making a good first impression might mean a firm handshake, unwavering eye contact, high-quality business attire, and being well presented in general. 

Ideally, you want to build an organic rapport with the interviewer and connect with them in a very relatable and direct manner, while still coming across as professional and competent. Interview and negotiation skills are invaluable. If these skills have not already been honed, you can consider attending Toastmasters or similar public speaking events to increase confidence and speaking skills. 

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