What Are The Specific Steps For Effective Legal Recruitment In Ireland?

September 20

The demand for quality legal personnel in Ireland continues to grow, with companies of all sizes looking to attract talent across a broad range of legal disciplines. Current issues such as Brexit, combined with a favourable corporation tax, means the country is increasingly being seen as a destination of choice for companies looking to do business within the EU. This has led to enterprise migration and increased capabilities resulting in more legal opportunities.

This continuing rise in demand means many are eyeing up Irish-based opportunities, including those who’ve left the country to gain valuable experience in London or further afield. With industries such as finance, social media, technology and pharmaceuticals increasing in-house roles and requiring staff with highly marketable and niche skills, the requirement for a strategic legal recruitment in Ireland process is necessary to attract the highest levels of talent. Private practice recruitment is also following this favourable trend, meaning that competition for lawyers, paralegals, legal executives and corporate secretaries is strong.


A vital step by step approach by legal specialists

By far the most effective manner in which companies can avail themselves of the highest level of legal staff is through the targeted approach of a specialised recruitment agency.

Dedicated legal recruitment within Ireland requires an intimate knowledge of the industry, both from a candidate and employer point of view. Only with this in-depth approach is it possible to successfully match the highest calibre of talent to the right position.

The playing field within the legal industry has undergone dramatic change in the last decade, with rapidly changing client base demographics and that of those who work within the industry. From major multi-national firms such as Google and PayPal working out of Ireland, through small to mid-range companies and that of private practice, for the legal profession to suitably serve an increasingly diverse customer base it’s necessary to have a matching workforce.

Taking this important factor into account the steps for effective legal recruitment include:


  • A detailed assessment of the role to be filled: Including industry market trends, salary levels, career progression, training, key company policies, staff retention, diversity inclusion, internal culture etc.
  • Comprehensive market analysis: Advice on current market trends, salary data, career pathways, evolving qualifications etc.
  • Strategic candidate matching: Highly targeted and, especially in the case of senior level personnel, guaranteed discretion.
  • Contingency recruitment: For companies with on-going requirements for legal employees it’s necessary to work with a legal recruitment specialist that ensures a relevant pool of talent, constantly updated and proactively seeking the highest calibre opportunities.
  • Strategic advertising and promotion: Utilising high-level avenues such as social media promotion, strategic print, online tools as well as industry expertise to attract the best talent.


From a candidate perspective

 In return, companies benefit from the presentation of compliant candidates that have been through a strategic process to determine their suitability to the role on offer. This includes: 

  • Ascertaining the individual’s goals and motivations: As well as qualifications, experience and fit for the role.
  • Necessary application processes: Specifically in the case of those transferring from another jurisdiction.
  • Retained search: Confidentiality assured, highly targeted, with any required background checks, NDAs etc. as necessary.
  • Face-to-face briefings


Effective legal recruitment for the 21st century

The culture within the legal industry is a dramatically different one to that of yesteryear. Whilst many associates do indeed still covet the illustrious partnership status, a growing number now seek alternative career pathways, such as roles within innovative technology, business strategy, knowledge management and even HR. Therefore companies that can offer such multi-faceted career pathways are well-placed to attract talent.

In today’s competitive marketplace where demand for the highest calibre of legal staff outstrips supply it’s essential for a business to partner with an agency that follows a carefully structured plan to match candidate with position.

Lincoln Recruitment’s specialised legal team offers an industry-specific pathway to marry candidate with role. Such fine-tuning of the legal recruitment process within Ireland is only possible thanks to our professionals’ personal experience within the legal industry. Firms who wish to attract and retain the very best talent in the evolving legal market are well-placed to take advantage of such a cutting edge recruitment process in order to attract the best within today’s competitive arena.


About the Author

John Macklin

John Macklin

Director Legal & Compliance

jmacklin@lincoln.ie+ 353 ( 1 ) 661 0444

John is a Director and Head of the Legal division at Lincoln Ireland. He is also a qualified New York State Attorney and holds a Masters in Commercial Law from University College Dublin, an M.B.A. from Trinity College Dublin. John has over 10 years’ experience in the recruitment of legal partners across top tier firms, mid-tier firms and boutique practices across Ireland and further afield. Since joining Lincoln in 2013, John has also acted as company side advisor to many small to mid-level practices advising on mergers and acquisitions.


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