The top 20 Irish legal people you should follow on Twitter [Updated]

In recent years social media has become a leading source of information and communication with platforms such as twitter becoming one of the most popular places for obtaining news and information in real time.

The following is a list of 20 top Irish legal twitter accounts who regularly share topical information that may be of interest to legal professionals, both junior and senior, across Ireland. In putting together this list of top Irish legal tweeters, we considered how adept they are at engaging their followers and analysing the most important legal news and stories of the day. They are ranked in order of those with the most followers.

[Update] We have taken into consideration all your comments and suggestions and can now reveal our updated list of the top 20 Irish legal people you should follow on Twitter.

If you still feel that we are missing some key inclusions, continue to let us know in the comments below.    Dearbhail McDonald @DearbhailDibs

Follower count: 18,900

Area of law: Legal Columnist

Why you should follow:

Dearbhail McDonald is Associate Editor and the legal Editor at the Irish Independent. She tweets regularly about current affairs and legal related articles. Her presence on twitter has banked her a record number of followers in her field.


ivana2    Ivana Bacik @ivanabacik

Follower Count:  15,300

Area of law: Criminal law, constitutional law, feminist theories, human rights and equality

Why you should follow:

Ivana Bacik is the Reid Professor of Criminal Law, Criminology and Penology, a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin and a practising Barrister. She has a Law degree from Trinity College Dublin and an LL.M. from the London School of Economics. Ivana tweets about topics of interest including criminal law, constitutional law, feminist theories, human rights and equality issues in law.


3    Donncha O’Connell @donnchanuig

Follower count: 6,600

Area of law: Human rights

Why you should follow:

Donncha O’Connell is the head of the school of law and established professor of law at The National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG). He is also Commissioner of The Law Reform Commission and Editor of Irish Human Rights Law Review. His tweets are personal, regular, and mainly based around legal news, current affairs and political opinions.    Fiona de Londras @fdelond

Follower count: 5,276

Area of law: Academic Law particularly human rights

Why you should follow:

Fiona de Londras is Chair in Global Legal studies at University of Birmingham and previous to this was based at Durham Law School where she co-directed the Durham Human Rights programme. She also has visiting professorial positions around the world including in University College Dublin. Her website has all information about her research, publications and blog posts. Her twitter, although personal, she has shared a great deal of legal articles and opinions.    Mark Adair @markadairlawyer

Follower count: 4,274

Area of law:  Specialist technology, cloud computing and telecoms law

Why you should follow:

Mark is one of the senior associates at Mason Hayes & Curran. He is a specialist technology, cloud computing & telecoms lawyer.  Mark has written articles on managing legal and business risks in the FinTech industry. His twitter focuses mainly on his views and tech law blogging.    Vivienne Traynor @viviennetraynor

Follower count: 4,119

Area of law: Courts reporter

Why you should follow:

Vivienne Traynor is a Courts Reporter for RTE News. Her twitter feed has an array of news reports and is highly focused on legal based reports.    Eoin O’Dell @cearta

Followers: 3,959

Area of law: Intellectual property law

Why you should follow:

Dr. Eoin O’ Dell is an academic lawyer. He has worked in Trinity as a lecturer of law since 1990 and has had various publications and has written multiple articles in law journals. His feed deals with Intellectual Property Law, education and technology. He also has a separate twitter for, as he puts it, “less stuffy tweets” @301N which has a following of 1,909 followers.    Simon McGarr @Tupp_Ed

Follower Count: 3,784

Area of law: Civil and commercial litigation

Why you should follow:

Simon McGarr is a solicitor for McGarr solicitors. He also runs a blog called, a personal blog focused on his particular areas of interest and personal opinions on current affairs. His twitter is quite similar to his blog in terms of what he discusses. He is a good one to follow if you are interested in reading different opinions on new legislation and movements.    TJ McIntyre @tjmcintyre

Follower Count: 3,371

Area of law: Information technology law and civil liberties

Why you should follow:

Dr TJ McIntyre is a Law Lecturer in University College Dublin. Alongside his twitter he runs a blog which he started in 2004. McIntyre’s twitter is of a similar theme to his blog, “Information Technology law issues with a focus on fundamental rights.”    Rossa McMahon @rossamcmahon

Followers: 3, 236

Area of law: Political law

Why you should follow:

Rossa McMahon is a solicitor in Patrick G McMahon Solicitors, Limerick. His twitter is an extension of his blog “A Clatter of the Law”. His blog has been running since 2009 and has built up a following of over 4,000 subscribers. His twitter is largely focused on politics and law in Ireland. Containing discussions about topical issues and his views on Irish politics.    Dyane Connor @Dyaneconnor

Follower count: 2,864

Area of law: Journalist, current affairs

Why you should follow:

Dyane Connor is multi-media Journalist for RTE but previously worked as a courts correspondent for TV3 news and presenter of ’24 Hours to Kill’. Although she is not directly associated with the legal arena her twitter account contains many legal related issues and discussions.


Wendy Lyon


12   Wendy Lyon @wendylyon

Followers: 2, 530

Area of law: Immigration, sexual, reproductive and maternity rights

Why you should follow:

Wendy Lyon holds an LLM in International Human Rights Law and she has been involved in feminist activism on both sides of the Atlantic for quite some time. She works as a solicitor, practising mainly in the areas of immigration and sexual/reproductive/maternity rights. Her twitter is personal but she also has a large legal focus containing interesting articles and discussions about human rights law and politics.


Conor O Mahony


13    Conor O’Mahony @ConorUCCLaw

Followers: 2,325

Area of law: Constitutional law, children’s rights, special educational needs

Why you should follow:

Conor O’Mahony’s research interests lie broadly in the areas of constitutional law and child law, with a particular focus on constitutional interpretation, family and children’s rights, educational rights and special educational needs. He is a regular tweeter on these subjects and addition also takes an active role in public debate in referendums on constitutional amendments.    Darius Whelan @dariuswirl

Follower Count: 2,210

Area of law: Mental health law and internet law

Why you should follow:

Dr Darius Whelan works at University College Cork as a lecturer and also edits a blog hosted by them. He is also the President of the Irish Mental Health Lawyers Association and is the Irish partner for the Creative Commons Project. His twitter consists of coverage, and his personal views on recent amendments, court cases and articles.    Conor Gallagher @Courts_hack

Follower count: 2,199

Area of law: Media

Why you should follow:

Conor Gallagher is Managing Editor of CCC Nuacht news wire. Co-host of This Side of the Law @courtpodcast. His twitter feed contains tweets about crime and law but in a personal capacity.



gareth nobel16    Gareth Noble @GarNob

Follower count: 2,081

Area of law: Child and disability rights law

Why should you follow:

Gareth Nobel is a child and disability rights lawyer and Partner in human rights law firm KOD Lyons. He is recognised as one of Ireland’s leading litigators in the area of children with disabilities. He has successfully represented many families in challenging the law in respect of Domiciliary Care Allowances, Carer’s Allowance and services for children. His twitter handle has an array of legal based tweets of articles, interests and opinions.


Ursula Kilkelly


17   Ursula Kilkelly @Ukilkelly

Follower Count: 2,074

Area of law: Children’s rights, human rights, law, education and justice

Why you should follow:

Professor, Dean  and director . Ursula is an international children’s rights scholar. She has published widely on children’s rights, the European Convention on Human Rights and youth justice. Follow her as she gives her personal views about child rights, human rights, law, education and justice.


18    Mary Rogan @MaryRogan

Followers count: 2,036

Area of law: Prison law and policy

Why you should follow:

Mary Rogan is a barrister and head of law at Dublin Institute of Technology. Dr. Rogan is the author of Prison Policy in Ireland: Politics, Penal-Welfarism and Political Imprisonment, (Routledge) and tweets regularly about her legal views.


19    Stuart Gilhooly @PFAISolicitor

Follower count: 1,436

Area of law: Litigation

Why you should follow:

Stuart is an independent solicitor to PFAI, Senior VP of the law society and feature writer for Parchment, DSBA magazine. His twitter contains an array of legal related posts.



20    Lincoln Recruitment Specialists @lincolnirl

Follower count: 1,029


Why you should follow:

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