The Top 10 Differences Between a Leader and A Boss

September 15

The future of your organisation hinges upon your ability to build a first-class leadership team. One of the best ways to build an effective management team is to focus on hiring leaders as opposed to bosses. This task can prove to be challenging for some business owners, and requires the ability to recognise key differences that distinguish a leader from a boss. Below are the top 10 differences between a boss and a leader.


1) Leaders celebrate accomplishments rather than point out failures.

Leaders are specialists in positive reinforcement. Rather than punishing employees for their mistakes and failures, leaders reward employees for their achievements. This quality helps to build employee confidence and future success.

2) Leaders are innovative as opposed to habitual.

A company’s ability to thrive in an evolving marketplace requires the use of cutting edge technology and a willingness to explore new modes of operation. Many bosses refuse to deviate from their old habits, which can stifle employees’ drive and a company’s growth.

3) Leaders motivate through enthusiasm as opposed to fear.

A leader is a skilled motivator who is constantly seeking productive ways to motivate his or her team. Bosses who motivate through fear run the risk of alienating employees and creating a caustic work environment.

4) Leaders are fantastic listeners.

The typical boss is not an effective listener because he or she is too focused on talking and dictating. Leaders make a point to actively listen to employees. They ask questions and solicit feedback on a regular basis. As a result, employees are not afraid to bring suggestions to the table.

5) Leaders participate instead of dominate.

Leaders are not just willing to get their feet wet. They are always willing to dive into the deep end of daily operations to improve their team’s performance. Bosses, on the other hand, refrain from participating and expect employees to do all of the dirty work.

6) Leaders are forward thinking as opposed to present-oriented.

The ability to keep one eye on the future while producing great results today sets a leader apart from a boss. Leaders remain a step ahead of the competition by considering the future during the decision-making process.

7) Leaders generated excitement instead of worry.

Employees who work with leaders never approach a new day with the worry that bosses often generate. When managed productively, employees frequently begin to adopt the excitement and enthusiasm exhibited by leaders.

8) Leaders are team-oriented as opposed to self-centred.

Many bosses are so focused on meeting their own personal needs that they neglect the greater well-being of the employees on their team. Leaders constantly strive to build a positive team environment and their personal needs often take a back seat to the needs of their team.

9) Leaders solve problems rather than blame others.

Leaders recognise that blame is never going to solve problems. Rather than spending time admonishing employees, leaders use their time productively to find solutions to problems.

10) Leaders are passionate as opposed to apathetic.

Passion is a leadership quality that is vital to the success of an organisation. An apathetic approach by a boss, on the other hand, can create a negative work culture by draining the energy and enthusiasm out of employees.


How to Cultivate Leadership in Your Organisation

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