The Great Irish Standoff

October 19

If remote work is the hottest benefit since company cars in the 80’s then why are so many companies in Ireland holding back from committing to even a hybrid model?

From what we can see in the marketplace two things are happening:

1) Employees are threatening to leave should they not get offered fully remote roles.

2) Employers are waiting nervously to see what other businesses do first.

Who could blame the employees? They have enjoyed greater flexibility than ever before and any article you read on the subject would have you believe it’s an employee-led market out there.

What both the employer and employee are not considering is the reality on the ground. Full time remote roles are few and far between and those that do exist are open to anyone, anywhere in the world. Therefore the competition for these roles goes from a talent pool of hundreds of candidates to an ocean of millions. For senior roles. they will literally be competing against the best in the world.

So whilst this is a very unusual employer-employee standoff, flight risks are not quite as sure-footed as they may appear. There is a much higher chance they will agree to a compromise hybrid model than bag a 100% remote role elsewhere.

Where does that leave you as an employer? In an incredibly fortunate position.

By being first to end the standoff and offer a hybrid model that’s here to stay you could gain first mover advantage, demonstrate confident leadership, attract new talent and hold onto your existing staff.

Company cars never had that sort of pulling power.

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