The 6 Essential Qualities of Great Store Managers

The Essential Qualities of Great Store Managers

In Ireland and all over the world, hiring a good store manager is one of the most critical business decisions that face companies across all sectors of industry. Finding the right fit is such a difficult task that according to the Harvard Business Review, companies fail at it about 82% of the time.

That same article mentioned some statistics that underline the key role of good management in driving business growth; for example, Gallup estimates that “managers account for at least 70% of variance in employee engagement scores across business units.”

Since the search for the perfect management candidate is such an integral element of retail recruitment, perhaps you may wonder: “What qualities should I especially be looking for in a store management candidate?” While there are many qualities that can contribute to a store manager’s continued success, the following 6 qualities stand out as essential:


Store managers are required to deal with a variety of different people on a daily basis. It only makes sense that a store manager should exude confidence, and have an outgoing personality. Someone who is energized from interactions with others will be more equipped to handle the demands of the position.


Along with an outgoing nature, a good store manager must be adaptable. In a typical day at work, a manager may interact with his team members, customers, vendors, delivery drivers, and regional supervisors. It is vital that a store manager be able to quickly adapt his thinking and communication style to fit the needs of the current situation.


It has been noted that the best store managers often have a strong background in customer-facing retail jobs. A personal knowledge of the demands of a retail job can equip a manager to understand issues with which his employees are struggling, and allow him to more effectively problem solve while maintaining morale. Empathy with customers facing frustrating delays or support issues can also allow the manager to defuse tense situations, and improve customer satisfaction.


In all retail jobs, dependability is an absolute must. In fact, it’s been estimated that absenteeism costs companies roughly $1,685 per year for each worker. A habitually tardy or absent manager would only compound such losses.

In addition, a good store manager would stay on top of necessary routine tasks, such as scheduling, inventory replenishment, and so forth. If planned or unexpected events interfere with his ability to perform such cyclical tasks, then he would have a back-up plan in place, such as an assistant manager who could temporarily handle the work in his place.


Managers must be organised to be successful. A good store manager will anticipate vital aspects of store operations, such as when inventory levels are running low and need replenishment, upcoming promotional events, safety considerations, etc.


The best store managers don’t try to make it a one man show. They are team-oriented, and willingly train and delegate tasks to qualified employees. They maintain open lines of communication with each team member. While he must enforce company policies, a good manager will listen to and empower his employees to use their ideas and skills for the betterment of the company.

As Peter Drucker once remarked: “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” When hiring for a store management position, you want to hire not only a great store manager, but a great leader. At Lincoln Recruitment Specialists, based in Dublin, Ireland, we have the experience and expertise to help you find the perfect match for your next store management opening. For more on retail jobs in Ireland, contact us today.

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