The Psychology Behind Getting Your Next Promotion

If you are looking for a promotion, it won’t just fall into your lap. You need to be proactive and work smart, and hard, to reap the rewards. At the same time, creating an aura of competence amongst your peers is something to keep front of mind. Here are some tips to help you appear more competent and able in the workplace, and help pave the way to the top spot in the pecking order.

Possess the attitude of confidence

One important element of all leaders and successful people is that they exude confidence. Moreover, they see success in any situation, even those situations that could be looked upon with doubt. In doing so, they dispel negativity and create a winning atmosphere. However, individuals who are supremely confident and positive do not stop at recharging the environment; they are perceived as winners by others. This goes a long way in being chosen for a promotion. Managers seek winners for senior-level positions. So, develop an attitude of confidence in yourself and a positive mindset about the workplace and what can be accomplished.

Create your career goals

Employees must know what their next career goal is in order to achieve it. Being goal-oriented aids the employee by encouraging proactive behaviour; if you are passive about your goals and do not have a plan, your employer will not be inclined to make a plan for you (why would he or she)? Additionally, if you know what the next goal is, then you can develop a framework for achieving that goal in the form of a series of steps.

Demonstrate Leadership

This is what every company is looking for, someone to take the lead and carry the load. As long as you have an experienced manager, they will take notice. What managers really need is help — real help — in accomplishing company initiatives. If you can help get one of senior management’s key initiatives accomplished for them — not talked about, not analyzed, not discussed but accomplished — you are a rockstar.

Lead by being the hardest working person on your team

Lead by being the hardest working person on your team. The employee who is willing to go the “extra mile” and do needed tasks, will gain the attention of those in supervisory positions and in a positive way. Earning a promotion is just that – it is earned, and the individual who stands out as excellent will rise to success more quickly than those who perform on an average basis. Strive to excel at your regular work, and then when time allows, ask for additional duties that are beyond your job title. This reflects your willingness to stretch your talent and shows your flexibility.

Possess team spirit

We all are aware of how important it is to be “a team player.” Every large corporation and even small businesses require teams to develop ideas, work on projects and produce results. However, just what does it mean to be a team player, and how can you have the team spirit that will cause your employer to take notice? One important element for a great team player is a person who can play any part. In other words, at times you may need to be the leader. You will have to come up with the ideas or be capable of explaining to others how to accomplish the goal set forth. Other times, you may be put in a position of taking notes or something not as glamourous. The point is, you need to work with the team with a positive spirit in whatever capacity you are called upon.

Reaching your professional aspirations are within reach when you understand the psychological factors that influence you and your employer. At Lincoln Recruitment, we specialise in matching outstanding candidates with professional employers. Whether you are seeking a position in a business where you can excel or are an employer looking to expand your pool of dedicated employees, Lincoln Recruitment has a network of resources to help you in your journey. Contact us today to discuss your goals.

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