Lincoln Recruitment Joins the 30% Club

June 8

Lincoln Recruitment has joined the 30% Club list of signatories, strengthening our commitment to improving gender diversity in the higher ranks of business. The 30% Club launched as a campaign in the Ireland in 2010 with a goal of achieving a minimum of 30% women on FTSE-100 boards.

As Managing Director of Lincoln Recruitment, Shay Dalton has steered the business into many initiatives to support diversity, inclusion and equality. From regularly sponsoring networking events to supporting and being Chairman of the Judging Panel for the Irish Early Career Awards. The Irish Early Career Awards is an Awards initiative aimed to recognise early career achievers under the age of 35, but also an initiative which maintains the 30% ratio, ensuring that women finalists and judges are represented. Shay actively works and seeks to maximise his role in the campaign and taking his efforts – and his crucial position in executive search – to get more women represented at the top.

At Lincoln Recruitment, we have a unique focus and commitment to diversity and inclusion throughout every stage of our own internal recruitment process including attracting, selecting, recruiting, retaining and developing diverse talent. For a full list of signatories and further information please click here.


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