Ireland’s Top 10 Finance Tweeters You Should Be Following

February 22

Twitter has evolved into a platform for serious finance gurus and contains a mass of information that is useful to business and finance communities —alongside an awful lot of trivia that isn’t.

Beyond the jabberings of the small-time players, Lincoln Recruitment has selected the list of the top 10 Irish finance people to follow on Twitter. These analysts, commentators, contributors, economists and more hold alot of power in 140 characters, and they often take to Twitter to give their two cents. And it’s smart stuff.

In putting together this list of top Irish finance tweeters, we considered how adept they are at engaging their followers and analysing the most important finance news and stories of the day. They are ranked in order of those with the most followers. If you feel that we are missing some key inclusions, let us know in the comments below.


Here is our list of Ireland’s top 10 finance tweeters:


Ireland’s Top 10 Finance Tweeters You Should Be Following DAvid Mc Williams1. David McWilliams @davidmcw

Follower count: 158,000

Why you should follow:

David McWilliams is an Irish economist, writer, broadcaster and journalist. He is a Professor at Trinity College and known as one of Dublin’s and also Ireland’s most influential Twitter users. He is known for making economics both accessible to, and popular with, the layman and his twitter account follows suit, updated daily with entertaining commentary combined with serious analysis and easy-to-understand ‘punk economics’.


Ireland’s Top 10 Finance Tweeters You Should Be Following Meg Green2. Megan Greene @economistmeg

Follower count: 41,500

Why you should follow:

Megan Greene is chief economist at Manulife and John Hancock Asset Management, Senior Fellow with the German Marshall Fund and Sunday Business Post columnist. London-based with a deep knowledge or European economies, Ms Greene specialises in covering Europe’s troubled periphery and so regularly comments on Ireland.


Ireland’s Top 10 Finance Tweeters You Should Be Following3.Constantin Gurdgier @GTCost

Follower count: 31,700

Why you should follow

Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev is assistant professor of finance at Trinity College, Dublin, and a co-founder and director of the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation, Ltd. He serves as a partner and a board member with a number of international financial services providers, and is best-known for his appearances on Vincent Browne’s late-night talk show on TV3. An active user on Twitter, expect lots of discussion of the euro crisis, links to his personal blog and commentary on the economic news of the day.

Lorcan roche kelly top finance tweeter follow IReland

Lorcan Roche Kelly @LorcanRK

 Follower Count: 22,500

 Why you should follow

How to become an expert on central banking from the middle of nowhere – ask Lorcan Roche Kelly. Kelly is a cattle farmer and former explosives engineer in the mining industry who lives in Sixmilebridge Co Clare. Kelly is an editor on Bloomberg Markets and if you want to know about something that’s happening at ECB, he’s your man.

Ireland’s Top 10 Finance Tweeters You Should Be Following brian-m-lucey5 Brian M. Lucey @brianmlucey

Follower count: 17,100

Why you should follow

Finance professor and TCD Board member. A great way to stay on top of what’s going on in the UK and Ireland. Catch some of that insight outside of the classroom.


Ireland’s Top 10 Finance Tweeters You Should Be Following breda kelly6. Brenda Kelly @Brenda_Kelly

Follower Count: 15,780

Why you should follow

Head analyst at London Capital Group. Strong on posting instant reactions to breaking financial news and high-frequency economic data. This UCD graduate explains developments simply with links to the more complicated stuff. Very handy.


Ireland’s Top 10 Finance Tweeters You Should Be Following Stephen Kinsella


7. Stephen Kinsella  @stephenkinsella

Follower count: 15,100

Why you should follow

Stephen Kinsella is a Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Limerick. He is also a columnist with The Sunday Business Post and additionally has published 4 books and about 25 journal articles. You can add Twitter to this list, where in his words, he ‘probably spends too much time jibber-jabbering on the twitter.’ His tweets are current, topical and entertaining in the discussion of economic issues —funny and smart, like the man himself.

Ireland’s Top 10 Finance Tweeters You Should Be Following karl whelan


8. Karl Whelan @WhelanKarl

Follower count: 14,300

Why you should follow

Karl Whelan is a Professor of Economics at University College Dublin. Previous to UCD he worked as an economist at the Central Bank of Ireland. Expect references to his frequent blogging at on various financial matters, as well as opinion and posting links to the biggest stories in finance.


Ireland’s Top 10 Finance Tweeters You Should Be Following Enda Curran9. Enda Curran @endacurran

Follower Count: 6,360

Why you should follow

A former UCD graduate and Asia Finance reporter at The Wall Street Journal, Enda now works as a reporter for Bloomberg. He’s got his boots on the ground in Hong Kong, so it’s a good place to look if you want news about China and dodge the great firewall. Expect well-curated articles and tweets about China, Hong Kong, and the Asian arena.

Ireland’s Top 10 Finance Tweeters You Should Be Following top finance tweeters ireland


10. Owen Callan @OwenCallan

Follower Count: 5,304

Why you should follow

Avid commenter and sharer of all things market related. In his own words Callan tries “to make sense of the volatile international markets and uncertain economic outlooks facing us all.” Callan’s tweets veer from financial to economic issues, politics and culture. He engages other finance folks on Twitter and keeps the conversation going.



Lincoln-Logo_Col_RGBLincoln Recruitment Specialist’s @lincolnirl

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