How An Accounting Salary Guide Can Help Benchmark Salaries For Your Organisation

Use this Accounting Salary Guide to understand the positive impact of employment growth trends in Ireland on Accounting Salaries.

We are frequently asked if the Brexit will have a positive or negative impact on Ireland.  In this article, we explain why the current trend is that Ireland will continue to grow – and how you can stay on top of the trend by obtaining our Accounting Salary Guide.

What we cover:

  • How to attract talent with competitive salary packages
  • Retaining current employees, especially those at top executive level
  • Presenting shareholders with conclusive current data regarding salary trends within the industry


Detailed understanding of pay packages within a sector is essential. However, gaining data to accurately benchmark salaries has historically been challenging. Despite the increase in the availability of various salary benchmarking tools, most of these are somewhat simplistic and

limited as to how they source and access the latest in data. In addition, whilst detailed compensation packages are generally publicly available for listed businesses, the act of obtaining and analysing what are typically large-volume reports makes it impractical to dedicate resources to do so.


More than just a salary survey guide

Lincoln Recruitment Specialists understand how vital it is for companies to be able to access accurate and up to date salary benchmark information. To this end our latest 2019 accounting salary guide has been compiled through a dedicated and in-depth survey from our own internal index and quality checked against national survey data. In addition, the report brings together the views of over 1,400 respondents from key sectors that includes salary data and, crucially, a detailed insight of industry specific challenges, opinions and current workplace trends.

Salary benchmarking involves far more than simply detailing annual salaries. This is especially important when comparing senior level packages, where it’s vital to take benefits and other renumerations into account.

Even more crucially, the 5th edition of the Lincoln accounting salary guide not only brings together salary data, but also contains valuable resources regarding the state of the Irish employment market, workplace trends and views into the various sectors from both company and employee perspectives.

Advantages of the report include:

  • Based on current market data: Taken from in-depth data conducted over a four-week period in Autumn 2018
  • Predictions for the 2019 labour market: From expert economist, Alan Ahearne
  • Analysis of the latest recruitment challenges: Facing employers in Ireland
  • Employment trends and survey findings from over 1,400 respondents


The report is further broken down into industry specifics to give individual sector data and perspectives:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Consulting & Advisory
  • Financial Services
  • Compliance & Risk
  • Fund Services & Asset Management
  • Legal
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing & Digital
  • Executive


Advantages of the Lincoln accounting salary guide for benchmarking salaries

 Employers, employees and recruiters alike can take advantage of this detailed report in the compilation of salary benchmarking. By including the unique information within the report means that companies can identify and respond to vital recruitment challenges such as:

  • Employee retention: In today’s competitive market top talent is a valuable commodity. High rates of turnover harm productivity, so ensuring competitive packages that include benefits such as pension plans, bonus schemes, annual leave, healthcare and more can reduce the chances of valued employees leaving an organisation.
  • Identify room for improvement: A comprehensive overview of sector packages allows companies to compare their competition.
  • Overcome recruitment challenges: In today’s workplace environment it’s not only salary that influences current and potential employees. Aspects such as professional development, career progression, flexible working, training and other initiatives are vital for companies to understand to attract and retain high-calibre employees.
  • Transparency for employees: Quality, up-to-date benchmarking promotes trust and loyalty for employees that salaries are fair and competitive, as well as providing a USP to stand out from the competition.


Lincoln Recruitment Specialists free accounting salary guide provides a unique insight into the current status of employee compensation and benefits that goes above and beyond that of simple renumeration packages. Discover crucial information regarding market trends, economic conditions, expectations of industry experts and all the key points necessary to not only benchmark salaries, but to formulate an effective recruitment and retention strategy going forward into 2020 and beyond.



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