Adminovate 2020 Event Highlights

On Thursday, January 16th 2020, Trinity College played host once again to the 3rd annual Adminovate conference. Adminovate is an event created to showcase innovation in people, processes and technology across the Funds industry. It proved to be a hugely successful day in what was Adminovates biggest turnout yet.

The opening panel discussed ‘Operating Strategies – Optimising with People and Technology’. One of the key topics of discussion were the benefits and drawbacks of automating and outsourcing. There are many diverse opinions on both sides as each depends on each company’s needs. The panel spoke about how at times it feels that outsourcing can be seen as giving up control but, in many cases, you have to consider it an extension offering of the current operation.

The second panel focused on ‘The Changing Face of the Industry – Expanding beyond the front line’. This was quite a broad ranging topical discussion given the ever-changing landscape that is the funds industry. One of the key focuses on this conversation covered was that of risk and compliance. Discussing our approach to the regulation and supervision of the funds industry is reflective of this global scale and our financial stability, consumer and investor protection mandates. It was highlighted that the funds industry international investors and regulators need to have confidence in the resilience of the funds located in and trust in the services provided from Ireland. This discussion was followed by delving into 3rd party ManCo’s where they spoke about how Investment Managers see them as an extension of the business in terms of operations, guidance etc.

As the day moved on the next panel moved to discussing the ‘Future of Data Management in Investment Management’ where once again there was a focus on regulations, requesting data from a regulatory perspective and increased oversight.

Further panels included talks and advice on how to survive and thrive in your funds career. Where we are now seeing our younger generation looking for employers whose values are aligned with their own, an environment that is culturally rich and offers diversity and inclusion. Two final panels finished the day with discussions about ‘Successful Innovation in the Industry and Digital Transformation’.

One of the most entertaining talks of the day came from the Keynote Speaker, Kevin McStay. A former Army Officer, GAA Manager and Pundit. Kevin spoke about leadership versus management: is it a science or an art? He also spoke in depth about resilience and perseverance, attitude and goal setting.

I’d like to thank the organisers FundRecs and Norio Ventures for what was a hugely enjoyable day. The Funds team at Lincoln Recruitment are already looking forward to next year!


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