Accounting & Finance Q1 2024 Market Update

General Observations

The accountancy and finance sector in Ireland is showing promising signs of recovery and growth as we move into Q2 of 2024. There’s an overarching sense of optimism prevailing within the industry, with indications that the market is steadily picking up momentum.

Optimistic outlook and normalising hiring

The prevailing sentiment among industry experts suggests an optimistic outlook for the accountancy and finance sector in Ireland. After a prolonged period of uncertainty, there’s a noticeable shift towards normalising in hiring practices. Companies are gradually beginning to regain confidence, leading to an increase in the volume of work and a corresponding uptick in hiring activity. This is a positive indicator of economic recovery and stability within the sector.

Confidential candidate market

One of the notable trends observed in Q1 is the increased activity among candidates within the accountancy and finance sector. With the market showing signs of improvement, professionals are becoming more open to passive outreach and in exploring new opportunities, confidentially.

Many are now engaging with the job market, carefully assessing their career options, and making informed decisions to transition to roles that offer better prospects for growth, flexibility and income. This heightened level of confidential candidate activity is contributing to a more dynamic and competitive landscape for internal talent acquisition teams, an area we are able to support as A&F candidates go to recruitment teams.

Rise in FP&A roles

A significant development in Q1 is the surge in demand for Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) professionals. Organisations are strategically focusing on fortifying their future financial health and operational plans, necessitating the need for skilled professionals in FP&A roles.

This trend not only underscores a proactive approach by companies to navigate uncertainties but also indicates potential for sustained hiring in the foreseeable future. The emergence of FP&A roles as a prominent hiring trend reflects the evolving needs of businesses in aligning financial strategies with long-term objectives.

Abundance of opportunities with Lincoln

At Lincoln we have a plethora of opportunities for candidates within the accountancy and finance sectors. As the market gains momentum, Lincoln is actively assisting candidates in finding suitable roles that match their skills and career aspirations. The abundance of opportunities offered by Lincoln underscores the buoyancy of the job market and the growing demand for talent in key areas of accountancy and finance.

In summary, Q1 of 2024 has been marked by a positive shift in the accountancy and finance sector in Ireland. With an optimistic outlook, increased candidate activity, a rise in FP&A roles, and abundant opportunities facilitated by Lincoln, the industry is poised for continued growth and resilience in the months ahead. As organisations adapt to the changing landscape, the focus remains on driving strategic initiatives and fostering a robust talent ecosystem to support long-term success.

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Principal Consultant – Accounting & Finance
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