15 Business and Sports Books That Will Optimise The Way You Work

At any time in your career, you can undergo a transformational experience, and a book might be your major catalyst for change.

There’s always room for improvement, and there’s nothing better than learning from the best. We’ve assembled this list of the “best of the best” for your reading pleasure and continued professional growth; you’ll be inspired by these titles:


– James Kerr

You don’t want fleeting success. You want lasting success. This book by the celebrated Kerr delves into the storied success of New Zealand’s All Blacks, the world’s most successful sporting outfit. Apply their lessons to your own pursuits. For more on James and his book Legacy check out our synopsis of his breakfast seminar here or his podcast with us here.


The Chimp Paradox:

The Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness

– Prof Steve Peters

How many of your actions (or reactions) hinge on your “monkey mind”? What motivates your quick responses? This book will change the way you look at business situations, as you consider your true motivations.

The Warrior, The Strategist and You:

How to Find Your Purpose and Realize Your Potential

– Floyd Woodrow

Woodrow was a winner of the Distinguished Conduct Medal – UK’s the second-highest award for gallantry. As he served in the SAS, he drove his men to success, even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. This book highlights the skills you need to be disciplined – as the “Warrior” and the skills you need to be analytical – as “The Strategist”.

You Win in the Locker Room First:

The 7 C’s to Build a Winning Team in Business, Sports, and Life

– Jon Gordon and Mike Smith

Revolutionize your team’s culture; lead with the right mindset. This book will introduce strategies that allow you to avoid common pitfalls as you move toward success. Explore the mindsets that leaders utilise to improve relationships within the team.

The Pressure Principle:

Handle Stress, Harness Energy, and Perform When It Counts

– Dr Dave Alred MBE

From the performance psychologist that helped Jonny Wilkinson become one of rugby’s most feared kickers, comes a book to motivate you in every endeavor. Dave Alred shares the focus of his life’s work in this inspirational book. Get out of your rut and move into a zone of total performance!

How the Irish Conquered English Soccer:

Beating Them at Their Own Game

– Patrick West

This book takes a look at the success of Irish footballers in post-war England; what strategies did they use to get ahead? Apply these strategies as you work in an industry that challenges you. This book will motivate you to move ahead, even on unfamiliar turf.


In the Zone:

How Champions Win Big and Think Big

– Clyde Brolin

It all starts with a belief in success. This book explores the mental attributes that allow champions to reach their goals and conquer the doubts that pester them. Become a champion in business as you learn to release your fears.


Focus: The Art of Clear Thinking

– Valerie Pierce

We’re all subject to “information overload” in this era of email and constant distractions. How can you think clearly and turn inertia into forward movement? Learn how to regain control in this important book for the new era.


Black Box Thinking:

The Surprising Truth About Success

– Matthew Syed

Bestselling author Matthew Syed presents the strategies employed by some of the world’s strongest organisations. How do we learn from failure, instead of allowing it to paralyze us? This book presents the truth through a variety of case studies.

The Greatest:

What Sport Teaches Us About Achieving Success

– Matthew Syed

Syed proves that success that can be achieved again and again with yet another successful title of his own. This book explores the mental aspect of sport, and it shows us that the psychological pressures on high-level athletes are comparable to those in other fields.


Managing with Impact:

Focusing on Performance through People

– Connor Hannaway

This book presents a “roadmap for managers” to lead through specific methods. This is a highly useful handbook that will teach you to bring “impact” to your leadership, and create lasting effects.


Time Matters: Making the Most of Your Day

– Julia Rowan

There’s never enough time, is there? How do you fulfill all of your demands and is it even possible? This book will show you how to fix the bad habits that drag you down.


Impactful Presentations: Best Practice Skills

– Yvonne Farrell

Even seasoned presenters can benefit from the helpful hints in this handy guide. What separates a great presenter from a mediocre one? Learn how to be compelling through your use of voice, sense of humour, and more.

Leadership in Ireland

– Aoife McDermott and Patrick Flood

Learn from the stories of leaders from far-ranging sectors; you’ll gain insights from their fundamental values and beliefs. This book presents nothing as easy – learn from true stories of grit and hard work.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:

Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

– Stephen Covey

It’s a classic for a reason. Millions of people have transformed their thinking using the principles of this book. Enjoy the proactive tools of these mindsets and kickstart your career into its next phase.




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