10 Jobs That Pay Well in Ireland | Decide your next career move

Ireland is quickly establishing itself as one of the top countries for business growth, with Dublin front and centre of the industry.

Here is a list of 10 jobs that pay well in Ireland.

Why can you expect a higher rate of pay in Ireland?

It has widely been reported that the capital is enjoying an economic boom with record levels of employment in the city. In the last year alone 25,000 people secured jobs in Dublin, as unemployment dropped to its lowest rate (4.9 per cent) in over a decade.

According to our data, a staggering 75% of Irish firms were looking to increase salaries in 2019; with this in mind, the Emerald Isle is an ideal place to earn a respectable salary in a range of industries.

Here we look at the top ten jobs that pay well in Ireland, according to an industry report:


  1. CEO/Managing Director (up to €350,000)

Amongst the top jobs that pay well in Ireland is a CEO or Managing Director. The high pay check comes with equally high responsibilities to match. This involves overseeing the performance of the company and answering to shareholders, media and customers when things go wrong. An increasingly global and complex business world has made CEO roles even more high profile and pressured than ever before.

Opportunities: There’s a fair amount of hotly contested CEO roles in the market.


  1. CFO/Finance Director (up to €250,000)

In this senior role, the CFO or Finance Director oversees the financial affairs of the company at the top level. This is a high-level job that requires years of experience and a proven track record.

Opportunities: The CFO market is very specific and does not lend itself to generic trends, but bespoke solutions for each company and industry.


  1. Consulting Partner (up to €250,000)

As one of the top jobs that pay well in Ireland, there’s a high level of expectation in a role of this kind. The consultancy sector in Ireland has continued to grow over the past year. This has largely been driven by the importance of digital transformation.

Opportunities: There’s an emerging need for the experienced consultant as well as roles in programme project management and cybersecurity, such is this buoyant industry.


  1. Chief Compliance Officer (up to €220,000)

With financial crime on the rise, and Brexit-related contingency planning, there’s plenty of roles emerging in this lively sector.  Last year this reached new levels with GDPR coming to the fore.

Opportunities: Compliance is a well-paying industry, in its relative infancy compared to some other roles. There’s great potential to flourish in this industry with plenty of roles.


  1. EMEA Head of Board Level (up to €350,000)

Another one of the leading jobs that pay well in Ireland, this requires a global outlook and plenty of international experience. Specifically, fund services and asset management continues to fuel the wealth market.

Opportunities: Over the past year a number of high profile companies located Ireland as their EU hub for this line of business. This includes JP Morgan, Legal & General Investment Management and Barclays amongst others. There is still a shortage in client services and relationship managers, roles that can command up to €85,000.


  1. Head of Legal / Legal Director (up to €300,000)

A well-paid and demanding job; as the Head of Legal you will provide general counsel and legal advice to all areas of the business. It is typical to specialise in a certain sector, since there is so much to know. This can take years’ of experience to achieve such a high-profile position, usually 10-15 years’ if not more.

Opportunities: Legal recruitment remains a buoyant industry particularly in the ever-corporate world.


  1. Chief Technology Officer (up to €180,000)

IT continues to fuel the digital revolution. With no signs of slowing down, the Chief Technology Officer is slowly becoming one of the most sought-after jobs in the industry. It’s also a forward-thinking industry, sympathetic to flexible and remote working. This role specifically comes with a number of responsibilities, least of all cybersecurity.

Opportunities: There’s a high demand for IT experts, especially Chief Technology Officers. As such it’s one of the top jobs that pay well in Ireland, commanding up to €1,000 a day for those who chose to freelance or consult.


  1. HR Director (up to €160,000)

Human Resources is an area that is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance. As such, supply is struggling to keep up with demand. Salaries are rising by up to 10 per cent at the moment. The HR Director today places greater significance on employee wellbeing as well as acquiring and retaining talent.

Opportunities: There’s plenty of demand in this busy sector.


  1. Chief Marketing Officer (up to €170,000)

With big changes in the digital and marketing arena, the Chief Marketing Officer takes responsibility for the direction of a companies’ marketing strategy. The compensation is the potential to earn up a generous salary with many great perks in this high-profile position.

Opportunities: This is a highly-desirable and competitive market, but there’s plenty of opportunity to move around.


10. Head of Risk and Compliance (up to €220,000)

One of the final jobs that pays well in Ireland is in the Risk and Compliance field. This is an important and pressured role to ensure companies comply with regulation to avoid fines and sanctions. A background in finance and economics is helpful, and qualifications through the Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland is a prerequisite.

Opportunities: With a growing number of data and risk issues in this digital era, this role is becoming more and more important and the number of opportunities continuing to increase.

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