The Art of Being Head-Hunted

January 22

how to get headhuntedThe shape of the labour market has shifted significantly over the years. Once upon a time professionals and executives would deliberate long and hard over their next career move, before seeking out potentially interesting opportunities. Nowadays the typical professional is more likely to move jobs every 3-5 years, and job opportunities are far greater than the number of qualified candidates on the market. In this market, for qualified and experienced professionals, more and more opportunities are likely to come your way without you having to do the groundwork and search for them. In the recruitment world this term is known as headhunting, and as you climb the career ladder it is more likely to happen to you.

So, how do you boost your chances of being head-hunted for your next role? Let’s explore the art of getting head-hunted.


Enhance your online presence

Research indicates that over 97% of job seekers search for career opportunities online. Recruiters are also trawling social media – 73% of companies have successfully hired candidates in this way.

If you’re using a computer and logging onto social media platforms you are leaving behind a unique digital footprint. Your online presence is very telling, so make sure your personal brand portrays the right image to potential employers.

Begin by checking your social media accounts. If you are sharing content to enhance your career prospects you need to ensure it shows you in the best light. LinkedIn is a great place to start – recruitment and search consultants often peruse the platform to seek out talented and skilled individuals. Give your profile an overhaul, add relevant information and make sure all details are up to date.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]A recruiter could provide you with valuable information that could help you progress in your current position. He or she could also become a useful contact going forward.  Just because you aren’t looking for a new opportunity today it doesn’t mean you won’t be looking for one tomorrow.[/perfectpullquote]


Say yes to a coffee

You might be contacted by a recruiter at a time when you are not seeking a new opportunity. If this happens don’t just politely close the door. Say yes to a coffee. You can gain a lot from just speaking to a consultant. Recruitment consultants make it their business to understand the market, they are plugged in to current hiring trends within various industries and keep their ear to the ground in terms of new developments etc.

A recruiter could provide you with valuable information that could help you progress in your current position. He or she could also become a useful contact going forward.  Just because you aren’t looking for a new opportunity today it doesn’t mean you won’t be looking for one tomorrow.


Don’t be modest

Modesty might be a virtue, but when you’re looking to showcase your talents it pays to promote your worth. Your skills, professional achievements and experience are all worth shouting about, and could be just what that great new company are looking for. Whilst your CV presents a picture of your best traits, you need to make sure your online presence and your interaction with others offers the same polished representation of yourself.


Find a mentor

A mentor can offer you support and guidance, helping you to progress in your chosen career. He or she will offer advice, help you to plot a course going forward and encourage you to stay on track. You need to choose your mentor wisely. Look for someone who has the time to meet with you on a regular basis. Your mentor should be someone you respect and aspire to and he or she should have confidence in their own abilities. Ideally your mentor will also be able to offer useful networking opportunities to help you meet your goals.


Reach out and expand your network

The best way to raise your profile is to reach out in general. You might not know someone offering opportunities in your chosen field, but your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances might!

Aim to become more proactive in your networking. Attend conferences and events, talk to people and get to know individuals linked to the industry you are interested in.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, people are often happy to give advice – and this could prove to be invaluable. The more you put in – by taking the time to engage with others and make connections – the more you are likely to get out.


Be yourself

While it’s a good idea to show off the best version of yourself that you can muster, it’s a bad idea to reinvent yourself completely! Embellishing your experience, background and qualifications just to get onto the next rung of the ladder could land you in hot water. Similarly, trying to be someone you are not can be draining, and the chances are you will not be able to uphold a phony persona forever.

Instead, resolve to maximise your own potential. Be open and honest, go out and learn new skills and meet new people. Attend events and open your eyes to the opportunities all around you. Above all, always make time for people and never underestimate the power of a smile. One final point – if a head-hunter comes your way listen to what they have to say, you never know the opportunity that lies just around the corner.

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