Life Science & Engineering Q1 2024 Market Update

General observations

Investment from global Life Science and Engineering companies has led Ireland into becoming a growing hub for the sector. Q1 has seen a steady increase in Life Science jobs across Ireland, creating hiring competition and package increases to attract talent.

Skills in demand

Areas of high competition and talent scarcity notably include:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Engineering
  • New Product Development (NPD)
  • Production

Advice to jobseekers

Tailoring your CV to align with specific job requirements is pivotal in securing desirable positions. Consulting with reputable agencies provides invaluable market insights and enhances your understanding of prevailing job seeker dynamics. By leveraging their expertise, you can streamline your job search process, ensuring optimal visibility for your CV and maximising opportunities.

Clearly articulating your priorities, whether they be location, salary, benefits, or career advancement, aids agencies in identifying roles that align with your aspirations.

Advice to employers

Competitive compensation packages are paramount in attracting top-tier talent. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) must offer compelling packages to entice professionals away from larger multinationals, leveraging their expertise to drive business growth.

Embracing flexibility, such as offering remote work options, enhances attractiveness to prospective hires, even if only on a periodic basis.

Streamlining the interview process minimises the risk of losing candidates amidst competitive pressures. During interviews, adeptly showcasing both job vacancies and company culture fosters a favourable impression on candidates, particularly in the current candidate-centric market.

Anticipating potential counteroffers, allocating additional budget or benefits, ensures successful candidate retention and acceptance.

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