The importance of Corporate Nursing in Healthcare 2020

September 30

Prior to 2020, Corporate Nursing was somewhat of an unknown phenomenon. While Corporate Nurses have been around for years, the pandemic has seen a surge in the requirement for these sorts of professionals to assist larger organisations to ensure they are taking the correct measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

What exactly is Corporate Nursing?

Corporate, or Company Nurses as they are sometimes known, are responsible for providing basic healthcare services to an organisation’s employees. Their daily role would generally entail the provision of first aid when needed, the promotion of employee health and the assessment of company health risks. In turn, this tends to improve employee retention and lower company healthcare costs.

How has this role changed due to COVID-19?

Organisations are putting in place stringent measures in order to facilitate their employees returning to the workplace. In certain sectors, such as within medical device production, it is necessary for employees to return to the main workplace building(s), and so more businesses are investing in Corporate Nursing. Such nurses can then in turn perform regular health checks and educate employees on best practice in preventing the spread of the virus. Such health checks can include temperature checking and facilitating swab tests. They can also be an on-call resource if an employee presents to work symptomatic or if they are listed as a close contact. This alleviates the stress of such duties from management and reassures employees.

What organisations or industries is this relevant to?

The answer to that is all. This can apply across the board, from larger MNC’s to smaller SME’S, and everything in between. The hiring of Corporate Nurses can be included in a company’s ”Return to the Office” strategy and is a great way of ensuring you are adhering to government guidelines and following the necessary protocol to get employees back in safely. This also does not necessarily just apply to critical services, but to those in a variety of industries including manufacturing, supply chain, production, and retail.

How can Lincoln Healthcare help you with this?

At Lincoln Healthcare, we are proud to be one of the leaders in supplying nursing and healthcare professionals all across Ireland. We have a number of Corporate Nurses on our database and work with a variety of clients who require these roles also. This can begin as a temporary staffing solution where we act as an agency for organisations interested in Corporate Nursing as they gradually bring staff back to the office or place of work, and can move into a more permanent position if the need becomes a requirement on a long term basis. We screen and Garda vet all of our candidates to ensure we are offering the very best candidates to our clients.

Are you an organisation with a need for Corporate Nursing at the moment? Or are you a registered nurse who wants to find out more about Corporate Nursing opportunities? Please get in touch with myself at the following details and I will be happy to have a confidential discussion to inform you further on this topic.


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