2017 Sales & Marketing Salary Survey & Employment Overview

January 20

Sales & Marketing Salary Survey & Employment Overview 2017


Sales & Marketing Market Overview

2016 marks an incredibly busy year in the Sales and Marketing recruitment market in Ireland.

Throughout 2016, we have seen a number of international digital hubs expand their headquarters in Ireland, furthering the growth of the Sales and Marketing sector. During the year, Facebook committed to hiring 200 new members of staff across a range of business functions, including sales and online operations, while HubSpot – the marketing automation software – announced a team expansion of 320 new hires over the course of the next 3 years. With this continued expansion and investment in Ireland, it is abundantly clear that growth in this sector shows no sign of abating in 2017.

General Observations

The market remains highly competitive and demand for candidates with specialised skill sets continues to increase. Digital skills remain at the forefront of interest for employers with importance placed on SEO and Data Analytics as organisations focus on driving more of their business interactions online. Prioritisation on the retention of customers has led to a great deal of importance being allocated to data analysis and the execution of targeted campaigns. We have seen a noticeable increase in the number of roles emerging across the digital aspect of this industry, such as Content Marketing Specialists, Digital Marketing Managers, Web Development, Data Analysts and SEO Specialists.

In the past 12 months, we have observed a growing number of SMEs in Ireland integrating marketing teams and strategies for the first time, as companies are keen to keep up with new trends and stay ahead of their competitors. Blended skill sets that combine creativity and analytical competence are especially relevant in these roles and will continue to be so in 2017. Professionals in these roles will receive great exposure to all the elements of the marketing function and play a key role in driving these businesses forward.

Furthermore, the financial services and banking sectors were remarkably busy in recruiting marketing professionals throughout 2016, as they ramp up other departments and battle to compete and differentiate themselves in a busy market. This trend shows no signs of abating in 2017 with demand for marketing candidates with experience in the professional services sectors growing. Roles such as communication specialists and brand innovation specialists are highly sought after by companies in these sectors.


Although base salaries are reasonably consistent with previous years, we would expect salaries in the coming year to begin to creep up for many. That said, we expect many companies to emphasise the overall compensation package, as well as benefits and bonuses, instead of significant salary increases. Bonuses are being paid a little more consistently and some flexible benefits (that were withdrawn c. 2009) are beginning to re-emerge, driving total compensation up. With increased demand for the specialist, and the unique technical skills as listed above, salaries have started to increase slightly as there is a short supply of talent in these areas.

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Skills in Demand

Many companies are now data driven and use these results to shape their next strategic move. The increased demand for Data Analysts and Data Scientists has coincided with this trend, particularly those working within the marketing industry. An emphasis on Big Data, Programmatic Marketing and Permission Marketing has remained at the forefront of trends moving into 2017. Employers will be looking at individuals who acknowledge the need for constant adaptation and evolution with regards to the Marketing process. Another trend that comes to the fore is companies implementing marketing automation software for B2B and B2C online marketing, such as Marketo or Hubspot. Professionals with experience in this area are in short supply and have a distinct advantage.

Any marketing professional with a second language, European or otherwise, will see their pool of opportunities immediately widen and command higher salaries. We have experienced a growing increase in the number of employers seeking multilingual sales and marketing professionals. Given the demand for employees in Ireland with this skill set combination, employers have had to look beyond traditional methods of recruitment. They, instead, source international hires to fill these positions and offer a substantial relocation package to new recruits.

Sales roles, such as business development, FMCG field sales and inside sales, are mainly in software and IT and there has been less of an upswing in recruitment since companies by and large continued to recruit in this area during the recession. The continued expansion of EMEA sales hubs in Ireland has driven strong demand for experienced business development professionals with language skills and experience working in a pan-European environment.


The Year Ahead

The increased digitalisation of both Marketing and Sales processes has left organisations seeking innovative ways to acquire and retain their customers in order to sustain a competitive advantage. This shift towards more digitally focused platforms has resulted in the need for Marketers across a wide variety of industries to upskill and invariably stay up to date with evolving and shifting digital trends in the global market. Emphasis on Big Data, Programmatic Marketing and Permission Marketing remain at the forefront of trends moving into 2017. Employers will be looking at individuals who acknowledge the need for constant adaptation and evolution with regards to the Marketing process. A proven track record with Traditional Marketing, accompanied by a flair for creativity and knowledge of the various new digital platforms for optimising engagement, will be the makings of successful individuals within the Marketing field in 2017.


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About the Author

Orla Doyle

Orla Doyle

Head of Marketing & Communications

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Orla Doyle is the Group Marketing and Communications Manager at Lincoln Recruitment Group. Orla graduated from the University of Limerick; she was awarded a Bachelor of Business Studies specialising in Accounting and Finance and subsequently a Master’s of Science in Financial Services. With a background in Accounting and Finance, Orla has previously worked with a Top 5 Accountancy firm and a large multinational bank based in Ireland before taking up international marketing opportunities. While working for reputable international companies, she gained her 6-year experience in marketing and communications and developed her excellent skills related to events management. She also holds a Diploma in Strategic Digital Marketing from the Marketing Institute of Ireland.


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