Salary & Employment Insights Report 2019

Your go-to business report for salary and employment trends.

Your roadmap to 2019 Salary & Employment Trends

The 2019 Lincoln Salary & Employment Insights survey results are in! We heard from 1,400+ respondents all across Ireland from a mix of industries, company sizes, and levels of seniority. Want to hear what they have to say about marketing and sales in 2018? Download the full report by completing the form opposite.


At Lincoln, we are advocates of decision making based on sound data analytics. The Lincoln Salary & Employment Insights survey is Lincoln’s comprehensive resource on the current state of the Irish employment market, salary trends, recruitment and workplace trends. It is an ideal guide for companies and the professional job seeker to understand salary levels across industry and job title. This year’s edition is clear, concise, and designed to be your go-to resource for strategic data.

In this years report

  • Read economist Alan Ahearn's latest predictions on the labor market for 2019
  • See the latest recruiting challenges for employers in Ireland
  • View the latest market rate salaries in your industry

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What they're saying

Your salary guide came up in conversation recently at a CFO forum I was attending. It was generally recognised as the ‘go to’ guide for this group when running the annual salary review and budget cycles

M. Lynch

Chief Financial Officer