Warren Hilton

Head of Finance & Accounting – Financial Services

+353 1 661 0444




Specialist Area

I am responsible for front office and middle office roles across the Financial Services industry including banking and capital markets, insurance and investment/asset management.

My remit covers client facing and corporate finance positions as well as risk and corporate strategy. I am also responsible for hiring wealth management, trading, investments and private equity candidates as well as equity research and quantitative analysis professionals.

My Advice

Be honest with yourself and honest with the people involved in your job search including recruiters. I have encountered very few situations that could not be resolved when I had the relevant information to hand. The most successful processes are born out of trust and respect. Think about your reasons for wanting to move on and explore options internally before you look externally. This will allow you to know that you need to leave your current organization in order to get what you want out of your career. Seek out advice and talk to people who have experience either in the recruitment industry or who have taken a career path that you might like to follow – how did they get there? Finally enjoy the job search. It can be daunting but it can be extremely rewarding.

My Background

I began working in the recruitment industry in 2006 after graduating from the University of York with a degree in History. I have worked in both London and Dublin and have led and managed teams across a number of disciplines. Prior to joining Lincoln I led the Irish office of a UK based recruiter. I feel I can offer candidates not only the benefit of my years’ of experience in the industry but also personal experience of moving country and role. I genuinely believe that a recruiter can add serious value to a job search or piece of recruitment and when done well, results in a great hire for a business and a satisfied job seeker.