Laura Murtagh

Consultant Risk & Compliance

+353 1 661 0444



Specialist Area

I am a consultant in the Risk and Compliance division at Lincoln Ireland.

My Advice

Preparation is everything.

In all aspects of life preparation is vital, and the same goes when searching for your next career opportunity. The correct preparation will lead to a smooth process with less stress. This starts with taking the time to prepare and update your CV, taking the time to speak with market professionals and correct interview preparation.

Our aim at Lincoln, is to provide you with the best advice in terms of preparation and guidance in the search for your next opportunity.

My Background

I hold a Bachelors degree in Accounting and Finance from Dublin City University. Having relocated to Australia initially to travel, I found myself attracted to the recruitment industry. There I was a trainee consultant with an Australian boutique company sitting with the accounting team. These experiences have given me a strong foundation to my recruitment career and I am extremely excited to build on that experience here at Lincoln.