Jonathon Browne

Senior Specialist IT Consultant

+353 1 661 0444



Specialist Area

Specialising in .Net Software Development, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

My Advice

“I Will Persist Until I Succeed”

Don’t be afraid to fail at what you, you’re already doing more than those that aren’t trying.
Remember to take time for yourself in both career and personal life.
Network and Protect your personal brand.

My Background

I am a specialist recruiter with over 7 years’ experience in the IT Sector spanning across international markets, Asia Pacific, UK and Ireland.
My aim is to build relationships and partner with clients & candidates alike ensuring I understand a business and it’s needs as well as putting that together with candidates and what their aspirations and career goals look like. I love working with people and see Recruitment as a truly unique opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. In the world of IT I have been drawn in and fascinated by what some organisations are doing with technology and equally the people that work within these organisations. To get to know the development skills and what details go into a programme or software as well now what Business Intelligence and Data in particular are doing to drive the market forward, is really exciting and sometimes mind blowing for me.. I enjoy my role and look forward to working with good companies and good people in the future in order to keep driving this exciting sector forward.