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The need for high performing talent is not solely confined to the top. It is a vital components at all levels throughout an organisation, and plays an equally important role across the business. After all, it is talent, drive, and commitment that fuels a company towards long-term performance and growth. Finding and obtaining key talent at all levels is one of the most pressing recruitment challenges for Irish businesses today.

Lincoln Recruitment’s Professional Search is optimally positioned to help you identify and attract professionals at the middle to upper levels of management across multiple industry sectors. We work with organisations throughout Ireland and the UK, helping to identify and secure the best possible professional talent across all levels. We provide our clients with permanent, temporary, and contract recruitment solutions across all our specialisms.


Professional Search Insights

Download the 2019 Salary & Employment Insights Survey

In this year's report read economist Alan Ahearne's latest predictions for the labour market in 2019, see the latest recruiting challenges for employers across Ireland and view the latest market rate salaries in your industry. This year’s edition is clear, concise, and designed to be your go-to resource for 2019 Salary & Employment Trends.

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September 2018


Why Some Big Companies are Calling Their Remote Workers Back into the Office

Don’t get too comfortable in your home office. Amongst the trends likely to grow in the business place of 2018, remote working seems a concept becoming ever more established and prevalent across the majority of sectors. With the technology available today,

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August 2018


Why your Organisation Should Hire Athletes

A recent survey has revealed that 95% of Fortune 500 CEO’s had high achieving sporting backgrounds. This statistic shines a light on the fact that people who have a background in sports, bring something extra to the workplace. A candidate

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June 2018


Why You Have to Create Time to Innovate in Your Organisation

“All organisations,” management consultant Peter Drucker once said, “need one core competency: innovation.” While every company wants to stand out, to be ahead of the curve, if you want to break through to the next level of success,

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Your Professional Search Team

Finding the right people means finding the right partner. For every engagement, your team is hand-selected and led by experts who know your business and industry.


Since 2008, we've met and worked with many top senior professionals across Ireland and built up a powerful network of these clients and their peers. Throughout the year we bring this select group together through networking events which play host to expert, world-class speakers, thought leadership sector breakfasts and first look research. The aims: networking, insight, and learning.