Marketing and Digital Market Update Q1, 2020

January 10

2019 has seen high demand in Expert Marketing and Digital talent. Executives in consumer-facing companies know that understanding customers’ motivations and anticipating their behaviour can accelerate and amplify growth. As a result, this has increased the demand for Big Data/Customer Journey experience and Market Insights/Strategy Delivery professionals.

The top 5 in-demand skills

  1. Market Insights/Strategy Delivery
  2. Data and Analytics
  3. Marketing Automation
  4. Customer Journey Experience
  5. SEO
  6. Executional Skills (such as A/B testing, HTML/CSS, and more).

General observations

It is evident that technology has played a critical role in the marketing landscape, transforming the way professionals communicate, collaborate, and perform. It has led to more automation, changing the jobs and skillsets that are necessary for the growth of businesses. Because of that, employers are changing their organisational structures and the skills they are looking for in their marketers as they adapt and move forward.

The workplace of today has significantly changed in comparison to the workplace of a few years ago, and it will continue to change. Organisations are going to look for a more diverse workforce in the coming years, and it is important to prepare for it.

Hiring trends

Technology has turned the world into a global village in terms of effortlessly connecting people from across the world.

Sharing information is more accessible than it ever has been before, making it much easier to generate product awareness or to promote your service. And since the Internet is such a powerful tool that can be used to generate Return on Investment, investing in Digital Marketing cannot be ignored.

Online marketing skills, including SEO, Social Media, Content Performance, UX/UI and e-Commerce skills will still be significantly important when hiring in 2020.

Customer experience will be an increased focus, with Digital Assistants everywhere, but the human touch will retain its value.

Customers’ importance will shift to the centre of the product lifecycle. In this way, organisations will capitalise on customer creativity and wisdom, resulting in products that meet target audience requirements, emphasising just how important these analytical and market insight skills will be when making hiring decisions.

FMCG marketers have become aware that consumers, especially Millennials and those from Generation Z, are interested in experiences more than actual products. With this in mind, industry players are looking to create experiences around their products and encourage sharing among consumers by investing in digital capabilities.

Companies will find that while skills are important when hiring, benefits will be equal important to professionals seeking a move, creating a mutual benefit or point of barter to the hiring manager and the job seeker. Companies will attract top talent through benefits such as flexibility, remote working, attractive annual leave, health schemes, pension, company culture, and professional development support.


Salaries for 2020 will see a slight increase in response to the competitive market. Companies may have a great product or service, but the true strength of a firm lies with its hires – and top talent deserves to be well remunerated.

Salary levels are still a crucial element when it comes to attracting and retaining the best people. Quite simply, companies that do not offer competitive packages can put themselves out of contention when it comes to sourcing top talent.

Area shortages and demand

There has been a decrease in hiring for Senior Marketing roles, and we have noticed an increase in efforts to retain and recruit excellent Digital talent through competitive salaries and benefits.

Companies seek professionals with expertise in these areas, as well as experience contributing to an organisation’s overall strategy and effectiveness in attracting, converting and retaining customers. Whether you are an employer assessing a candidate or a job seeker writing a résumé, emphasis should be placed on digital savvy and the impact it has on business. Hiring Managers want to see a connection between an individual’s day-to-day duties, the firm’s bottom line, and a desire to keep up with the latest marketing trends and best practices.

Employers today also recognise that in-demand digital proficiency is not enough. Soft skills – including written and verbal communication expertise, ease when collaborating with others, client relations experience, and a positive attitude – are just as valuable.

Future predictions

Marketing professionals who can demonstrate operational excellence and up-to-date technical knowledge can expect to receive the most competitive offers. There will be a continued demand for Insights and Category skills in FMCG.  Financial Services will see an increase in hiring professionals who can generate a consistent stream of content creation. Story Telling will be inextricable from effective advertising. Story-driven ads can share behind-the-scenes content, offer a fictional narrative that includes the product or service, or use classic story structure to better engage customers and help them feel like part of a community. Tech/IT companies will increase their prioritisation of professionals with inbound Marketing/Lead Generation and Digital Marketing skillsets.

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Brendan Mullins

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Brendan is a Senior Consultant with a successful track record delivering recruitment mandates, especially at mid to senior level across the healthcare industry including Acute Hospitals, Nursing homes and Mental Health organisations.

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