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Our engineering and operations team is specialised in high-performance manufacturing and service provision industries that have a high demand for key people across engineering, operations, maintenance, project management, construction, facilities, technical and safety. Let your next big project be the development of you and your career.

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The annual Lincoln Salary and Employment Survey provides a comprehensive report on and the most up to date information and advice on the current hiring outlook, compensation & benefits, current trends to the market and key points to note when benchmarking your salary and remuneration package in 2018.

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April 2018


Engineering & Operations Hiring & Employment Trends Q1 2018

2017 has been a record-breaking industrious year for the Construction Sector, which benefited from one of the biggest increases in overall activity that Ireland has seen in a long time. The industry saw a hiring

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May 2018


Women in Construction: Bridging the gap

According to a Membership diversity report issued by the CIF, only 5.5% of the on-site construction workforce in Ireland is made up of women. This means that the chances of finding female workers in a construction site are about 1 in 10.

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March 2018


This is Ireland: An island open to new opportunity

As Ireland passes its centenary it is clear that the stability which has been created on an all-island basis in terms of economic, social and political arrangements shared by North and

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