Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

In a competitive market, businesses and organisations need to identify, recruit, and retain talent quickly, and with impact. Our Recruitment Outsourcing offering creates tailor-made recruitment solutions that help talent acquisition professionals meet their most difficult hiring challenges.

Recruitment process outsourcing solutions are ideal for those times when you need to recruit into a niche specialism under tight time-frames or in a part of the world where you have limited access to the best talent. Using our tried and tested recruitment outsourcing processes, we can deliver the right people, in the right numbers and in the right location — and within a time frame agreed upon in advance with you.

Lincoln Recruitment’s wide selection of services, from leadership development to professional search to recruitment process outsourcing all work in tandem to align your workforce with your company’s strategies and goals.



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In this year's report read economist Jim Powers' latest predictions for the labour market in 2023, see the latest recruiting challenges for employers across Ireland and view the latest market rate salaries in your industry. This year’s edition is clear, concise, and designed to be your go-to resource for 2023 Salary & Employment Trends.

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September 2018


Understanding the Benefits of Recruitment Processing Outsourcing

Recruitment Processing Outsourcing, or RPO, is when a company hires an outside agency to manage all aspects of recruitment. This can include but is not limited to, marketing for new hires, screening interviews, and administering of any testing or group interview processes. RPOs may

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July 2018


Build Your Team the Tour de France Way

One of the biggest sporting events of the summer, Le Tour features multi-national teams drawn together especially for one purpose. Each team member will have a specific job to do and even if the eventual plaudits go to the team leader, any victory wouldn’t be possible without the right

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June 2018


A Recruitment Process Outsourcing Strategy

Many companies are looking for ways to increase their recruiting capability and effectiveness. While some start by rebuilding their internal recruiting infrastructure, many are turning to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to help improve their

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Your RPO Team

Finding the right people means finding the right partner. For every engagement, your team is hand-selected and led by experts who know your business and industry.


Since 2008, we've met and worked with many top senior professionals across Ireland and built up a powerful network of these clients and their peers. Throughout the year we bring this select group together through networking events which play host to expert, world-class speakers, thought leadership sector breakfasts and first look research. The aims: networking, insight, and learning.