Data Science Market Update Q1, 2020

January 10

Year in Review

Continued accelerating growth in the volume of data means that every business sector has the opportunity to gain commercial insight and remain competitive in a way that was never previously possible. This is reflected in the demand for talent in the Data Science and Analytics job sector, and subsequently in salaries. Key salary drivers outside of the core Data Science skillset include the requirement for experience with niche technologies, domains, or use-cases, and people-management experience.

2020 will to be an eventful year for Data Science in Ireland. As part of the Future Jobs 2019 programme, consultations for the creation of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy are complete. This is a positive demonstration of the government’s commitment to the Embracing Innovation and Technological Change pillar of the Future Jobs Programme.

Research confirms that the adoption of artificial intelligence in Ireland is increasing, but the skills shortage means that the war for talent is becoming more aggressive. Relief through new Data Science third-level courses is still some years away. However, professional certifications in Analytics are easing the pressure somewhat. In 2019, demand for Data Engineering talent was particularly high compared to supply.

Salaries in Data Science have not yet stabilised, and we are seeing major disparities in remuneration for similar roles across different organisations and industries. In addition, a trend is emerging of data practitioners prioritising motivators such as interesting projects, technical stack sophistication and flexible working when considering a new role, with remuneration or title often being lower on their priority list. Data Science employers are reacting by coming up with more creative benefits and embracing modern digital working practices.

Given that more than half of firms increased their Analytics headcount in 2019, Analytics is a buoyant career path loaded with prospects coming into 2020. Data career trajectories can be steep as the revenue and insights impacts of these activities are recognised in reward and opportunity.

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