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4 Takeaways – The 1% Podcast 
Episode 27 Bryan Burnstein: 


Bryan spent over 12 years as Head of Performance Science for Cirque de Soleil and is currently Director of Performance Science with Kitman Labs.  Great insights into building high-performance teams & balancing performance, culture & entertainment.
“They’re all cirque in a different way.”
There’s amazing diversity in the array of Cirque du Soleil productions including resident shows and travelling tent and arena shows, differently themed shows and musical collaborations over the years with Michael Jackson’s, Elvis’, The Beatles’ music and more. Every show is an escape from reality for the audience and every experience will be completely different. 
“The world needs Cirque.”
Bryan talks about Cirque’s evolution from street performance to the array of shows it is now under the vision and creativity of creator Guy Laliberté. He talks about the passion and energy that Cirque’s very special performers put into every show and how those things are what delivers a unique style of show that’s really special. 
“…performance becomes more of their identity than it would in sport”
Cirque du Soleil performers are known around the world for their exceptional skill and dedication to the point of their performance becoming part of their identity. Bryan discusses how when giving constructive feedback to a performer he would take this into account, be prepared and always have good reasons. 
“I like to be a part of contributing to others’ success.”
Since jumping the fence from performance tech user to performance tech partner at Kitman Labs, Bryan describes the differences in his new role, selling success and having the opportunity to impact and support some top sporting organisations around the world both through the performance platform and through close partnership.
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3 Performance Articles You Might Have Missed 
Cleveland Clinic article about how downtime is important for brain health and tips include “Plan When to Worry” 6 minute read


Are you a great CEO or leader, or just a good one? New research from McKinsey shows that the leaders who truly excel have a set of distinctive mindsets and practices. 5 minute read here 


Delegation is part of the art of getting things done and like everything in life, delegation isn’t a piece of cake unless done the right way.  With remote working it is more complicated.  Recent article in Lifehack shines more light on the subject.       
4 minute read here
   2 Video & Book Recommendations


Let go what you cannot control, take a step back to get a good understanding of the situation, don’t be in denial of situation; don’t try negotiate the situation.”


Short interview
with Mountaineer Gabriel Filippi as he recounts recounts his tales of survival and resilience on mountains such as Mt. Everest & Mt. McKinley and draws parallels to the isolating environment people are currently enduring amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 5 minutes view 


Many of you may have come across this book or some social media extracts but for those who have not its worth checking out.  It can be read back-to-back or you can dip into various sections.  Ray Dalio is one of the world’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs. These principles have helped him create unique results in life and business, and anyone can adopt them to better achieve their goals. 


Buy here and more information on Ray Dalio content 


  1 Quote Worth Pondering
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.”


Martin Luther King Jr.
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