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The 1% Extra: The Best of Performance.

Welcome to this week’s The 1% Extra Newsletter. This week I’ve highlighted the best bits from my interview with Dr Krystal Culler on all things brain health and brain optimisation, as well as why ”The Biggest Bluff: How I Learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Win” should be on your reading list.
I’ve shared some interesting articles that got me thinking like ”Why Hiring During Covid Is Different Than in Previous Downturns’‘ by Harvard Business Review and a video of a stone carver in London at work which I feel truly demonstrates what deep work and deep focus entails.
Thanks for your continued support and I hope you enjoy the newsletter.
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Quote Worth Thinking About
 “Reading can teach you the best of what others already know. Reflection can teach you the best of what only you know.”
James Clear
Book & Video Recommendations
Maria’s a writer from the USA who decided to quit her job and play poker full-time, despite the fact she’d never played the game in her life.
I am curious about why and when people take seemingly random choices, especially career choices. Even more so when they work out, and so I was already pre-disposed to this book. In ways I think that we can’t start new projects until we stop something else or the stopping opens up opportunities that we didn’t see or action upon. We are taught to never quit, but sometimes the quitting can propel us in new directions which wouldn’t have happened otherwise. As Seth Godin wrote in The Dip “Winners quit all the time.”
Armed with her mentors motto of “Less certainty, more inquiry” , Konnikova’s who has a Ph.D. in Psychology , tries to separate the random from the intentional and goes on a remarkable journey that ends up in The World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.
If you are starting from scratch,” she asks, “Can a deep understanding of the human mind win out over the mathematics and statistical wunderkinds of the poker table?” In a way, it’s as much a test the qualitative side of things versus the measurable as anything else.
The book lived up to expectations and the hype. Some great lessons about strategy, decision-making, focus and beginner’s mind – all wrapped up in an excellent narrative.
Read an Extract Here
People often ask what is Deep Work and Deep Focus and how can it be achieved. I recently came across this video that reminded me of deep work concept and the many shapes it can come in. It profiles Anna Rubincam, a stone carver from London who works alone out of a small functional studio.
The video follows Rubincam’s efforts over three weeks to produce a stone carving of a young woman’s head. It starts with her taking measurements from a live model. These are then translated into a clay figure, and subsequently engraved, one precise chisel hit after another, into a solid chunk of stone. Great cinematography and engaging storytelling. 8 minute watch
Recent Performance Articles Worth Reading
2020 will forever be remembered as the year that turned everything upside down. With the adjustment to remote working and many companies having suffered losses and made cuts, it’s little wonder that the consensus of some is that it’s an employer’s market. This article by three industry experts reinforced why it’s dangerous to think that way as it may mean missing out on top talent critical to rebuild and grow business post COVID-19.
In light of this, the team of experts show us a better model of thinking in this article. One which involved us just thinking of this downturn as a curve in the process and keeping up hiring efforts as much as possible. I think it is a stark reminder to all of us that this economic downturn is not exactly like the recession of 2008 – the jobs market is hugely different, people are much more willing to relocate for jobs meaning they have more options and many jobs that require on-site presence are being left unfilled. An interesting read which highlights the need to retain positive relationships with candidates and will make you re-think your hiring. 3 minute read.
This is a thoughtfully written article by Dan Stern. Dan works on global health at Palantir and regularly writes posts and articles on the things he’s interested in at the time.
I find this to be a really refreshing perspective on applying ancient beliefs and values on
• Striving to live a satisfying and rich life
• In tactical applications across our daily lives, such as learning, problem solving, and leadership development
Some of his excerpts from various religions, authors, cultures and modern thought leaders really made me think about why and how we desire, strive, think, learn and lead. “He never tried to lead: he just did.”
This is a great read for anyone interested in thinking about thinking. 10 minute read
Many people are obsessed with to-do lists. They are a staple piece of management and organisation and have been for many years. Nir Eyal questions the value and benefits of the classic to-do lists in this thought-provoking piece. He is of the opinion that the format of a to-do lists just causes unnecessary stress and ultimately lead to further procrastination when we could be using a more effective protocol altogether. Instead, he suggests using the management tool of a schedule builder, something which many of us may be unfamiliar with.
So, what exactly is a schedule builder and what does the practice of keeping one entail? Building a schedule involves keeping a calendar, and not just using it for meetings. Eyal suggests boxing off time in it for personal activities and building relationships. He also describes it as a way of deciding how to spend your time, rather than creating a series of tasks which need to be completed. He thinks that this will encourage a better work/life balance and overall more productivity for those that use it. I like this idea and feel that anybody interested in time management, organisation and productivity hacks should definitely give it a try. 5 minute read.
My guest today is Dr Krystal Culler, DBH, MA. Krystal, is the Founder of Your Brain Health Matters, a consulting business that offers a variety of brain health and memory care services to senior care professionals and businesses to make their projects and initiatives thrive. Through the Virtual Brain Health Centre she educates brain wellness to individuals online.
As a Doctor of Behavioural Health, her areas of expertise are in healthy aging, brain health, memory care, and dementia risk reduction. Krystal is also a Senior Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health with the Global Brain Health Institute. In this episode, we discuss a range of topics related to brain health including learning, concentration, memory, lifestyle & diet, how the brain ages, and how to avoid common pitfalls. Fascinating insights and practical advice for a healthy brain at all ages. I hope you enjoy it.
Some excerpts / take-aways:
1: What neuroplasticity is, and how it can help us Krystal discusses our brain’s ability to adapt and change and the need for lifelong learning.
2:  Long-term Stress – Krystal discussed the effect of long-term stress on the brain and our stress-response systems.
3: Exercises that keep our brains nimble – Krystal talks about what makes our brains sweat, the benefits of 15 minutes of brain activity a day and the need for activities to be new, novel and challenging.
To read a detailed summary of the discussion or to listen to the full episode and subscribe to The 1% Podcast click here.
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