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Welcome to this week’s The 1% Extra Newsletter. This week I included some clips from our latest episode of The 1% Podcast with Pat Byrne as well as why ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ should be on your reading list.
I’ve shared some interesting articles that got me thinking like ”How to Help Your Manager Manage Youand a video of NASA’s Perseverance rover touching down on Mars.
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Quote Worth Thinking About
‘“Life requires you to learn about things while the answer is in the process of being decided.”  
– James Clear
Book & Video Recommendations
How many books published 50 years ago are still relevant and popular today. This is one of them and the reason is likely to be its practicability and essential teachings.
These include:
What we give our attention grows – so, in essence, our world view is created from our mindset.
Perseverance or the benefit of sticking with a project even though it may take a long time. This includes always feeling that you can improve yourself which is the ultimate project of perseverance!
Optimism: Schwartz regards as one of the essential mindsets you can adopt.
Remain curious and creative and if you don’t think of yourself as creative it is only because you haven’t cultivated that mindset.
Empathy – Treat others how you would like to be treated and be human and the essential good in people will emerge.
Forget the haters – it’s curious to imagine what Schwartz would have thought about social media and the toxic nature of some of it. He was early out of the blocks in relation to this and his advice was to ignore these negative influences.
I missed this somehow when it happened. In case you did too this is footage of NASA’s Perseverance rover touching down on Mars. The entry and landing is called the Seven Minutes of Terror as so much can go wrong. The spot on Maras where it landed was once covered in water, and as scientists believe where there once was water, there once was life.
Recent Performance Articles Worth Reading
Everybody is under more pressure than before, between the pandemic and the switch to remote working. Therefore, sometimes managing people can be a challenge for both the manager and the employee alike. Managers can sometimes undermanage, as a result of several fears mentioned in this article, such as fear of micromanaging and fear of confrontation.
Managers often end up not spending enough time and effort in meeting with and engaging with the staff they are supposed to be managing. From the employee’s side, they can focus on getting their manager to meet with them on a regular basis, as this is within their rights, and this should help in providing the support or direction they may need.
This is not to be confused, however, with wasting their manager’s time, but purely for beneficial meetings which add substance and value to a working relationship. An interesting read for both perspectives!
4 minute read
Written by Timothy Carter, CRO of this article grabbed me because whilst we can all get hung up on business planning and metrics it can be easy to forget to think about how we make different types of decisions.
Timothy explores different aspects of smart decision-making, decision fatigue, neutrality and collaboration in an easily digestible way with some solid advice including basics like when you should just walk away and think about your decision in a more neutral location.
For a relatively short article this packs a lot of punch regarding ideas about this often overlooked but critical skill that can be applied in any area of our lives.
5 minute read
This is an interesting article from The Harvard Business Review, where they talk about the benefit of a compliment. I read in the past that a manager should compliment someone in their team at least once a week regardless of what is happening.
The positive effect of this is instantaneous and compounding. Harvard argues that our brains process a simple compliment in the same way as a financial reward, but they believe people don’t believe in the power of a compliment and don’t practice it as a habit. This is a mistake and their research showed almost unanimous upside for culture, team morale and leadership, from this simple practice.
The article goes on to explain how we can overcome this bias and incorporate it into everyday work life. Worth a read!
4 minute read
Pat Byrne has pioneered sleep and fatigue programs for athletes, sports teams and workplaces. He is the co-author of ‘Inconvenient Sleep: Why Teams Win and Lose’, where he uses his expertise to outline the impact of sleep on performance using history of sleep science and decades of research in the area. The book explores the facts and myths behind sleep, sleep science, and sleep monitoring.
He has over 30 years of experience in risk management, performance optimisation and health and safety. The sporting Organisations Pat has worked with include the National Olympic Committee, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, Australian Football League and the National Hockey League.
Tune in as we explore the evolution of sleep science, how to improve sleep quality and how understanding your body’s natural rhythm can help you to improve your own performance, whether personal, business or athletic.
This podcast includes the following extracts:
1: Mental Health and Sleep – Pat talks about how poor sleep can indicate underlying mental health issues.
2: Wearable technology – Pat explains how wearable sleep technology works.
3: Larks and owls – Pat discusses whether we should try to control when we sleep or accept our nature.
To read a detailed summary of the discussion or to listen to the full episode and subscribe to The 1% Podcast click here.

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