The 1% Extra Performance Newsletter 23rd October 2020.

November 2


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Welcome to this week’s The 1% Extra Newsletter. This week I’ve highlighted the best bits from my interview with Dr Krystal Culler on all things brain health and brain optimisation, as well as why ‘The Leader Launchpad: Five Steps to Fuel Your Business and Lift Your Profits’ should be on your reading list.
I’ve shared some performance articles that got me thinking like ‘How to Be the Chief Well-being Officer of Your Own Life’ by Jen Fisher and a wonderful short video of a snowball fight 124 years ago.
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Quote Worth Thinking About
 “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.”
Richard Feynman
Book & Video Recommendations
This is a recent publication by Howard M. Shore, founder and CEO of Activate Group, who is a global thought leader on making businesses more profitable, scalable and stable.
What’s especially interesting about this book is that Shore really talks about liberating leaders from their own mindsets. He breaks it all down into five very simple steps around leadership teams, managing human capital, strategy, planning and accountability. The book is well thought out, easy to read and will provide some food for thought for anyone interested in becoming a better leader.
Read an Extract Here
This short video from ArtNouveauDeco’s Twitter account shows scenes from a snowball fight in Lyon, France, some 124 years ago (1896). It has been colourised and the speed adjusted but the original was shot by the infamous engineer and industrialist Louis Jean Lumière. It demonstrates how some things really do never change!
Recent Performance Articles Worth Reading
In these unprecedented times, wellbeing is more important than ever. It is up to each individual to be the accountability coach of their own physical and mental health, and there are a number of ways each and every one of us can do that within their own lives.
This article outlines the simple yet practical ways we can take care of our own wellbeing – from setting priorities and sticking to a routine, to allowing for failure and practicing gratitude. This article from Jen Fisher, Chief Well-Being Officer at Deloitte, is something which really resonated with me as we enter another lockdown here in Ireland and I think is a beneficial read for many of us right now. 2 minute read.
This is an excellent article for understanding mental fatigue and how to overcome mental exhaustion. Well-researched and filled with interesting facts and practical advice this article will help you to learn about the many factors that can contribute to cognitive overload.
Personally, I found this article really useful. It delves into sleep, diet, exercise etc but is full of fascinating insights into how our brains use energy, even when we’re procrastinating. Especially useful are the sections on what sort of work to do during different levels of mental energy and how to manage during the times when you have no choice but to push through. 15 minute read.
Short article by Ness Labs asking why we jump to conclusions, the effects and how we can re-frame thoughts to help us avoid this pitfall. Effectively what is happening is that we think we know what others are thinking and feeling, or why they behave in certain ways, even when there’s no evidence to support our beliefs – familiar?
The article details three examples:
Mind reading – when we infer a person’s probably thoughts.
Fortune telling – when we predict an outcome without evidence .
Labelling – When we use overgeneralisations by labelling all the members of a group with the characteristics seen in some.
The article goes on to share some ways to re-frame these thoughts so we can enjoy better outcomes and decision processes. Although not in the article I find that if I can prioritise asking questions over finding answers I can help avoid jumping to conclusions more. That, and being conscious of the meanings we attach to particular events and situations and trying to spot where we are filling in the gaps with guesswork. 3 minute read.
My guest today is Dr Krystal Culler, DBH, MA. Krystal, is the Founder of Your Brain Health Matters, a consulting business that offers a variety of brain health and memory care services to senior care professionals and businesses to make their projects and initiatives thrive. Through the Virtual Brain Health Centre she educates brain wellness to individuals online.
As a Doctor of Behavioural Health, her areas of expertise are in healthy aging, brain health, memory care, and dementia risk reduction. Krystal is also a Senior Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health with the Global Brain Health Institute. In this episode, we discuss a range of topics related to brain health including learning, concentration, memory, lifestyle & diet, how the brain ages, and how to avoid common pitfalls. Fascinating insights and practical advice for a healthy brain at all ages. I hope you enjoy it.
Some excerpts / take-aways:
1: What deep sleep does for us and some practical tips Krystal discusses the body’s sleep cleansing cycle and memory restoration.
2:  The impact of living a life with purpose – Krystal discusses the proof from the Blue Zones about having purpose and having a purpose bigger than you such as family or service.
3: Exercises that keep our brains nimble – Krystal talks about what makes our brains sweat, the benefits of 15 minutes of brain activity a day and the need for activities to be new, novel and challenging.
To read a detailed summary of the discussion or to listen to the full episode and subscribe to The 1% Podcast click here.
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