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Quote Worth Reflecting On
“We can think of attention as the leader of the brain. Wherever attention goes the rest of the brain follows—in some sense, it’s your brain’s boss.”
Amishi Jha
Video & Book Recommendations
How to Find Fulfilling Work | School of Life
The desire for fulfilling work is one of the great aspirations of our age and this short animation explores how one might make it a reality. Facing the competing claims we face for money and status while doing something meaningful and in tune with our talents, here are some knowledgeable and thought-provoking pointers to choosing our careers.
Dreyer’s English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style | Benjamin Dreyer
We all write, all the time: blogs, emails maybe even books. Lots and lots of emails. And we all want to write better. Benjamin Dreyer is here to help in a sharp, funny grammar guide that you will actually want to read. As one critic describes it – “Chockful of advice, insider wisdom, and fun facts, this book will prove to be invaluable to everyone who wants to shore up their writing skills, mandatory for people who spend their time editing and shaping other people’s prose, and—perhaps best of all—an utter treat for anyone who simply revels in language.”
Recent Performance Articles Worth Reading
What Factors Predict Whether A Person Becomes Successful? | Darius Foroux
What makes a person successful? What is success – is a successful person simply someone who achieves what they set out to do. Darius Foroux looks at some of the positive traits that make people successful – How many do you have? 5 minute read.
Your First Three Hours Will Make or Break You | Dr. Benjamin Hardy
The most productive countries in the world do not work 8 hours per day. Actually, the most productive countries have the shortest workdays. Many feel that the traditional 9–5 workday is poorly structured for high productivity. And recent WFH routines have refocused people’s minds on this. A useful article highlighting how we focus and when we potentially are the most productive and how to utilise this time. 5 minute read.
Expiring versus Permanent Skills | Morgan Housel
Insightful article on what skills last and which don’t. Normally articles like this focus on technology and transformation but this article frames it more around thinking about skills as expiring versus permanent and the list of permanent ones I think we can all agree are worth developing. 6 minute read.
Takeaways – The 1% Podcast – Brian Mullins reflects on his GAA Heritage
Brian Mullins will always be synonymous with a defining era for Gaelic Football in Dublin. Over the course of his career, he won four All-Ireland titles, nine Leinster titles, two National League titles, and two All-Star awards, and became a hero of Hill 16 for his inspirational displays in the middle of the field.
He has managed Derry and his club St Vincent’s to success and is currently Director of Sport in UCD. In this episode, we deep dive into some of Brian’s experiences on and off the pitch, his formative experience of summers spent with his cousins in Kerry and Clare, his time playing inter-provincial rugby with Leinster, Kevin Heffernan’s management style and unique personality, his current work with UCD and much more. Brian is back in the hot seat managing St Vincents Senior team and we thought it was timely to relook at the take-aways:
+ “You either walk away into the sunset or you decide you’re going to make another stand”
After the team’s defeat in 1975 Brian describes how the players made a decision to come back stronger and how quite often a defeat can actually benefit a team in the long run by testing their mettle and seeing if they have it in them to regroup and build on that experience.
+ “You can nearly smell high performance in the air.
Having grown up in Clontarf playing many sports outside of the GAA, Brian remembers joining Vincent’s for the first time and detecting their high-performance mentality. He talks about how they didn’t take being champions for granted and how their level of preparation was more than anything he had experienced before and the culture of always thinking about what it took to be champions and carry the Vincent’s jersey. On Kevin Heffernan’s legacy, he said that “His gravitas, his memory, his legacy is very much around the club, all the time”.
+ The introduction of Sports Science by Mickey Whelan in the 1970s
Brian recalls how Kevin Heffernan’s close friend in life and once opponent on the pitch Mickey Whelan first brought Sports Science to the team having completed a Masters in the subject at the University of West Virginia. This introduction of organised cardiovascular training combined with strength and conditioning training meant that the athletes were able to be trained properly and give their best on game day.
+ “The GAA is part of the DNA of the Irish life.”
Despite some of the challenges caused by dwindling populations in rural communities, Brian points out that by embracing the GAA framework these community clubs can amalgamate and prosper and in response, the GAA prospers. He describes how after over a hundred years the GAA is part of the fabric of life in Ireland and impossible to put a boundary on or measure and has become part of the national DNA.
Listen to full episode Here
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Episode 17 F1 legend Mark Gallagher translates his experiences from the race-track to the language of business. Gallagher’s passion for the sport has been partly driven by the dual challenges of managing risk and high performance. His roles at the Jordan and Red Bull Racing Formula One teams enabled him to play a key commercial role in F1 on and off the track.

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