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September 23


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Welcome to this week’s edition of The 1% Extra Newsletter. The 1% Extra brings you the best takeaways from performance experts on The 1% Podcast, as well as some of the best performance and well-being articles, blogs, books, videos and other resources we have come across this week.
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Quote Worth Reflecting On
The ability to find the funny pumps oxygen into adverse situations. With humour, we Can live our lives a little more honestly, and less fearfully, even though we can’t make bad things go away”
– Elaine Smookler
Book & Video Recommendations
Award-winning journalist David Walsh, famous for uncovering the lance Armstrong doping scandal worked alongside the Stepanovs for five years. The fruits of their labour saw the couple’s story hit bookshelves in late July. Vitaly Stepanov worked with the Russian Anti-Doping Agency and his girlfriend at the time Yuliya was an elite 800m runner. An ardent anti-doping officer, something rare in Russia, Vitaly spoke of his pride in keeping sport clean. Yuliya responded in kind by admitting that she was a doper. She went on to reveal insights into systematic doping in Russian sport. The Russian Affair tells the in-depth story of the Stepanovs.
Like all of David’s writing, the book is hard to put down from start to finish and reads like a thriller. Walsh has said that it was his admiration for the couple that made him want to put their story on paper, and that, the book isn’t just about having the strength to tell the truth on a state-led system of cheating and deception, but about telling the truth about yourself. Super read.
A fascinating video that is well worth the 17 minutes. The video tells the story better than any description can, so just jump in – you won’t be disappointed, I promise. Dr. John Kitchin quit a medical career to pursue his passion: skating along the boardwalk of San Diego’s Pacific Beach. He calls himself “Slomo.” This story has it all: science, simplicity, spirituality, and more. As one person remarked his guy is a true inspiration to all life enthusiasts… “Do what you want to”
Recent Performance Articles Worth Reading
Charlie Parker would have turned 100 in August and there have been a series of reflections on his music and his influence. Growing up, jazz was played in my house all the time as my father was a huge fan. I didn’t appreciate it until years later and still have only scratched the surface. Parker is regarded by many as the greatest individual musician that ever lived, as there was never one man who influenced all instruments prior. He did it before dying young at the age of 34. Parker said himself that he wasn’t an entertainer but an artist and central to that was the ability to improvise and take chances. His style influenced what later became known as BeBop and also influenced the style of musical legends such as Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane. BeBop also developed to influence modem day artists to such an extent that many believe that it affects almost every aspect of music made since.
Apart from the technical innovations Parker brought to the world of music, it was his spirit of imagination and emphasis on following your spirit that may be his lasting legacy.
Spotify playlist to celebrate his 100 years Here.
6 minute read.
Often people overlook the importance of experiencing flow, the state where we are fully immersed in a moment and giving it your utmost concentration and optimum focus. Such an example is when you are working on an activity, project or task which is optimally challenging for you, given your skillset, background, and abilities. In the following piece, Sweta Bothra, Lead Therapist at mental health platform InnerHour, outlines the benefits of experiencing flow. She focuses on having a sense of control, having no negative thoughts, mastery and accomplishment, and gaining greater confidence. She also outlines practical ways you can achieve flow, such as practising single-tasking, choosing challenging tasks, asking for feedback and learning from others. A worthwhile read for anyone wanting to improve their focus, practice mindfulness and become more present in their day-to-day life.
5 minute read.
Andrew Wilkinson is the CEO of Tiny, an innovative company which starts, buys and invests in internet businesses. As an exceptionally busy entrepreneur, Andrew has had to come up with numerous ways of saying no in a polite manner. Andrew limits himself to 2-3 meetings per day and is all about quality over quantity. In this insightful article, Andrew speaks about his life and career to date, how he optimises his professional life in order to achieve happiness and the importance of networking. He also goes into detail about how exactly he uses email, what he uses email gatekeeper Mailman for, and basically how implanting saying a simple no into his working life has left him with more time for family, friends and overall success. This article highlights the importance of protecting your time and utilising it wisely and shows you how you can get ahead without saying yes to each and every opportunity.
7 minute read.
The 1% Podcast – Tim Harkness – Head of Sports Science and Psychology at Chelsea Football Club
We had a very exciting guest to launch Season 6 of The 1% Podcast. @Tim Harkness is an expert in maximising the #performance of elite athletes globally and for the last 11 years has held the title of Head of Sports Science & Psychology at @ChelseaFC.
Across his career, Tim has worked with a diverse group of winning athletes including Indian Olympian Gold Medallist @Abhinav Bindra, the @Indian National Cricket Team and was Team Psychologist to the @Saudi Arabian National Football Team when they won the 2018 @FIFA World Cup.
Tim recently published his first book, ‘10 Rules for Talking: An Expert’s Guide to Mastering Difficult Conversations’. It’s packed with great advice from someone who has coached in communication and high-performance culture across the globe.
Whether you’re an athlete or would like to communicate more effectively generally, this book is about so much more than communication and conversations. It addresses some of the essential themes around personal interaction, how we think, how we express ourselves and create meaning from these interactions.
During our conversation, Tim and I talk through a range of subjects including creating great conversations, leading decision-making, focus, communication across different cultures and Tim’s lessons from the book. The advice is both accessible and practicable – listen and subscribe: Here
Some Other Editions of The Podcast
Episode 16 As Professor of Modern History in UCD, Diarmaid Ferriter is one of Ireland’s best-known historians. With Brexit raising its head again, it’s a useful interview to revisit. We discuss the backstop and the fate of the border as well as some of the most contentious political issues of our time with Trump, climate change and the move to right-wing politics. Others topic include the challenges faced with the movement from the written word, Ireland and its performance on climate and women’s issues, the GAA and its role in society today, and much more.
Episode 30 Enda McNulty on maximising human potential. Enda has created a unique approach to leadership, teams and wellbeing through his learnings in sport, psychology and business.
Episode 20 Robbie Cannon a qualified strength and conditioning coach, is probably best known for his performance work with golf Open Champion Shane Lowry. An accomplished golfer himself, he practices what he preaches and is three times Irish amateur golf champion.  Enjoy this wide-ranging conversation about his career to date, insights into peak conditioning for golfers, working with the Tipperary football team, and Shane Lowry’s plans for 2020 including qualification for this year’s Ryder Cup.

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