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1 Quote Worth Pondering
“Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet
confinement of your aloneness 
to learn anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.”
David Whyte, The House of Belonging
2 Video & Book Recommendations
+ What you don’t know about questions | Pia Lauritzen
We’ve always been encouraged to ask questions at our jobs, but according to Danish philosopher Pia Lauritzen, Ph.D., it’s possible that you’ve been asking them all wrong. In her talk, she presents her research on the impact of questions and explains that shifting the way you pose your queries can make you more successful and improve your connections to those around you. She says that by thinking about factors such as whom you’re asking, what others are already asking, and how you’re positioning yourself, you can ask questions more mindfully, and receive answers that help you succeed.  16-minute watch here

Bad Blood | John Carreyrou       
This is a non-fiction book that reads like fiction.  In the book, John Carreyrou dives deep in his exposé of the company Theranos and its CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, giving readers the full scope of one of the biggest scandals in the medical industry. Holmes’ big idea was for a way to perform multiple tests at once on a tiny drop of blood, and to deliver the results wirelessly to doctors. So she set about pitching to investors… Very enjoyable and informative.
Buy here 
3 Recent Performance Articles Worth Reading

+ Curiosity: The Key to a Long Life

The benefits of curiosity are not that widely known or acknowledged and it’s a skill that tends to fade as people get older, however, curiosity can assist in health, relationships, learning, and many other aspects of our lives. This is a recent article on curiosity by Darius Foroux. ~5 minutes read here

+ Leverage your Brain Type to Maximize Success

Short but well-researched article highlighting the different brain types and how you can improve your brain health and maximise your potential. Link to discover your brain type in the article too! ~4 minutes read here

+ How to Raise a Resilient Child

An interesting article highlighting why and how to develop resilience in children. Recent research suggests that many modern parents protect, care, and assist their children in excess, reducing their children’s skills and harming their wellbeing. It is also an excellent example of how to layout an article or blog post. ~8 minutes read

Takeaways – The 1% Podcast 
Enda McNulty – Maximising Human Potential


+ Moonshot Goals – “The time in my career is about one minute past 12.” 

Household name success stories like Bill Gates and Elon Musk all have what Enda terms Moonshot Goals – the audacious goal that 99% of people would think is impossible but inspires others to follow you. He discusses how this has to be underpinned by tangible, pragmatic short-term goals to stay in business and how aware he is that his own Moonshot goals are still ahead of him.

The key drivers of performance

Enda talks about the key drivers every organisation needs to be aware of in order to drive performance: consideration of the customer experience and the avoidance of complacency in this area; recruiting world-class talent; considering the suitability of metrics being used; the quality and performance of the management team and finally, the leadership of the organisation. Combined with basic fundamentals he describes elsewhere in the podcast, Enda feels that with these drivers right, any organisation is in a great position to achieve high performance. 

Overcoming negative self-talk

Over the last 20 years, Enda has helped an enormous number of sports, business, and other coachees with overcoming negative self-talk and has 4 basic steps for overcoming it. First, remember it’s normal. Second, when you have a negative thought, become aware of it, and acknowledge it, observe it. Third, recognise that you can actually manage negative self-talk the more aware of it you become, and finally, realise that you are not your thoughts and your negative thoughts are irrelevant if you manage them.

Managing and mastering the mind for success

Physical training is not enough. If you want to break through perceived exhaustion it’s also important to manage and master the mind. Enda recommends aligning mental training with physical training by visualising the achievement of a goal and practicing affirmation. Through sustained mental training for success, we can achieve the mental toughness and skills needed to achieve that success. 

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