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Quote Worth Reflecting On
“I think the most important and powerful human superpower is critical consciousness. And that is the ability to think, be aware and think critically about the world and people around you…it’s not so much about the interpersonal ‘Do I feel bad, do I like you?’— it’s more ‘Do I see the world as it is? Am I thinking critically about it and engaging it?'”
Dr. Courtney D. Cogburn of Columbia University
Video & Book Recommendations
How the Acrobat and Choreographer Plays with Gravity and Time | Yoann Bourgeois
‘There’s a moment when a child chooses a direction, as part of growing up, and that is a step that I never managed to take. Fortunately, I found the circus, which allowed me to remain undisciplined.’
– Yoann Bourgeois
There’s a curious contradiction in these words from the French acrobat, choreographer and director Yoann Bourgeois. Given his accomplishments and talents, what a lack of direction and discipline looks like for Bourgeois is rather unique. He’s expert in using trampolines in inventive, poetic, circus-inspired contemporary dance. He’s won numerous awards. He’s presented his work in prestigious venues. His performances have drawn comparisons to the slapstick skills of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. This 5-minute video shows his talents and is entrancing.
Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking | Malcolm Gladwell
I’m re-reading Blink as it’s been a few years since I looked at it and the original takeaways were great. Blink makes us think about instincts and it is a book that celebrates quick decisions as well as making us aware that our instincts may betray us – some of the principal points include:
1. Decisions made quickly can be as good as decisions made cautiously
2. How to know when to trust your instincts and when to be wary of them
3. Snap judgements can be learned, practiced and controlled by a process called thin-slicing – which he describes as making judgements from short and thin slices of information
Recent Performance Articles Worth Reading
What Is a Digital Detox? | Kendra Cherry
A digital detox refers to a period of time when a person refrains from using tech devices such as smartphones, televisions, computers, tablets, and social media sites. “Detoxing” from digital devices is often seen as a way to focus on real-life social interactions without distractions. By forgoing digital devices, at least temporarily, people can let go of the stress that stems from constant connectivity. Before you decide if it is right for you, consider some of the potential benefits and methods of doing a digital detox. 5 minute read.
Systematic Inventive Thinking: The Power of Thinking Inside the Box | Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Don’t be put off by the title – When talking about creativity, many people will tell you: “Think outside the box!” The catchphrase is so common in management consulting and business environments, it has become a bit of a cliché. What if innovation could be fostered by thinking inside the box instead? That’s what Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) aims to achieve. It’s even worth reading for the take-aways in the innovation equation paragraph  5 minute read.
Two Types of Excellence | Scott H Young
We all think about the concept of excellence and how it is achieved and sustained. This is a slightly different and interesting take on excellence where Young asks are there different ways something can be considered great, and by knowing which does it makes a big difference in how you pursue it.
The first is to think of excellence as a universal standard. To get 99% is more excellent than 95%. A+ beats A. An alternative way to think of excellence is like a niche. The evolution of life is like this. A whale isn’t better than a butterfly in any meaningful way. Excellence: One or Many Dimensions?
5 minute read.
Takeaways – The 1% Podcast – James Kerr – Author of Legacy: What the All Blacks can Teach us about the Business of Life. Part 2
In 2010 James became one of the only ever people to be allowed inside the camp of the New Zealand All Blacks, the most successful sporting team in history. What he learned from this experience he translated into 15 lessons that can be translated into any high-performance team be it sport, military, or business for success.
James Kerr’s book has been described as ‘seminal’ by the Independent newspaper and ‘unputdownable’ by Bloomberg. The Daily Telegraph newspaper called it the ‘modern version of Vince Lombardi’s guides to coaching’ and says ‘for those searching for genuine keys to team culture, it is manna from heaven.’ It’s still one of the most popular 1% Podcasts.
+ “It should hurt to lose.”
Recollecting the All Blacks’ loss to the Lions during the McGeechan years James talks about how the team took the pain of that loss, felt it and reflected on it and used the desire to never feel it again as propulsion for their future performance. Comparing it to business, he notes how in business because there’s always the next meeting or call we can sometimes forget to look back at what caused losses whereas if you lose a tournament in sport there’s no match the next week and so little choice but to reflect on the training, preparation and mindset that led to the loss.
+“Empowerment is literally giving away power.”
Great leaders create other leaders by giving away responsibility and empowering their people to develop and grow. James talks about how the ideal environment is a macro-managed one where a leader in your team is telling you about a problem after they have solved it.
+“The body follows the mind.”
In exploring how perhaps the All Blacks aren’t seen as quite so unbeatable anymore even though statistically they are more unbeatable than ever James attributes this to changes in the sporting profession. There’s a shift now amongst other teams to abandon the crowd mythology and instead to take stock of their own performance and their own team narrative as the sport becomes more professional.
+“We’re gonna rip their heads off.”
In speaking about the importance of mindset, particularly when in a dominant position like the All Blacks, James talks about the importance of constantly applying pressure and avoiding the trap of being at the top, becoming complacent and playing not to lose. He says that teams that go out to metaphorically “rip their heads off” are more likely to apply pressure, more likely to make the plays and more likely to win.
Listen to full episode Here
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