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Welcome to this week’s The 1% Extra Newsletter. This week I included some clips from our latest episode of The 1% Podcast with Patrick McKeown as well as why ”A Life On Our Planet” should be on your reading list.
I’ve shared some interesting articles that got me thinking likeHaving Many Aims Doesn’t Make Kids Aimlessand a video of conservationist Damian Aspinall searching for a long-lost gorilla.
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Quote Worth Thinking About
“Surround yourself with people that push you to do and be better. No drama or negativity. Just higher goals and higher motivation. Good times and positive energy. No jealousy or hate. Simply bringing out the absolute best in each other.” 
– Warren Buffet
Book & Video Recommendations
David Attenborough has grown from being a natural treasure in the UK to being some form of global treasure with his enduring view of the world and how we interact with it.
In this latest book (2020), it’s hard not to read it as a summation of his journey over the past 93 years. In part science and in part autobiographical, it is wonderfully engaging both to read and to view the photos. A book that can be dipped into or read cover to cover, it’s really a Magnum Opus of what it means to be human in the world, highlighting its many treasures as well as warning signs about its preservation.
This video which I saw a few years ago came to mind when flicking through A Life on our Planet. It’s a short video (4 min) of Damian Aspinall’s encounter with a gorilla. He runs the Aspinall Foundation, which reintroduces captive gorillas back into the wild.
He manages Port Lympne Wild Animal Park where 120 gorillas have been born and 77 presently live. He has said he would like to close all zoos and send the captive animals into the wild. The reception he got from the gorilla in the wild is worth watching alone!
Recent Performance Articles Worth Reading
A year ago many people in business had never participated in a video-call in their lives. Who could have imagined that we would suddenly be thrown into a world where during meetings we would be looking at our colleagues’ and clients’ living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, children and pets?
A novelty at first, what used to be a 5 minute chat at a desk has now turned into a 60 minute scheduled video call and it can be very easy to let our days become filled with them leading to what has been termed “Zoom fatigue”. This article examines the causes and also invites you to participate in Stanford’s study aimed at establishing a “Zoom Exhaustion & Fatigue (ZEF) Scale.
In their usual practical way, Stanford don’t just examine the 4 causes of ZEF, but also offers an easy to implement a solution for each one. I found this to be interesting as it can be difficult to put your finger on what exactly it is about video calls that are so tiring and will definitely be using the solutions.
5 minute read
This article is based on an extract from American organisational psychologist and author, Adam Grant.
It is a short piece about growing up and the ideas we hold about where we see ourselves in the world when we grow up and how these ideas can give up a vision and a pathway to achieve those goals.
However, he warns that these plans if too rigid can create tunnel vision or what he calls “identify foreclosure”. Instead, he argues not to ask children what they want to work as when they grow up and has other advice about how to frame these vision questions and ideals.
3 minute read
In business, we’re always selling. Whether it’s the literal sale of a product or service or more subtle selling like maintaining a client relationship or promoting ourselves internally, the list of prospects we are constantly dealing with is endless.
This article by Entrepreneur breaks down the psychological components of trust and how we can think about them to improve the levels of trust in our daily interactions. It goes into credibility, empathy, win-win negotiation, consistency and follow-through.
If you want to improve your own closing skills whatever you’re selling, then this is a worthy read. I especially like that the focus is not on closing the immediate deal but on closing it in a way that you also gain the trust and long-term business of your customer.
3 minute read
Patrick McKeown is a world-renowned expert in breathing with nearly 20 years clinical experience. He has written eight books, three of which were bestsellers. Patrick has also been published in numerous publications and journals.
He studied at Trinity College Dublin and went on to study breathing with renowned Dr Konstantin Buteyko in his Moscow clinic. He became a practitioner and proponent of the Buteyko Method, which uses nasal breathing, breath control and breath holding as a treatment for health conditions. Patrick founded the Buteyko Clinic International based in his hometown Galway.
His work helps use simple breathing exercises to improve the quality of life for people who suffer from asthma, sleep disorders, high blood pressure and just anyone interested in improving their overall health and wellbeing.
His latest book, ‘The Breathing Cure’, has been called “the definitive book on breathing”. It contains simple home practice exercises for adults and children, research-backed methodologies that help you to use breathing to improve your quality of life.
Join us as we unpack the science and health behinds quality breathing, entering the flow state and the breathing exercises and tests you can practise today.
This podcast includes the following extracts:
1: Why Study Breathing: Shay and Patrick discuss the misinformation about breathing and the benefits of learning to truly understand and control our breathing.
2: The Walk and Hold Exercise: Patrick talks us through this simple breathing exercise that we can easily do even in lockdown.
3: Breathing and Performance: Patrick talks about how we may miscalculate someone’s ability, child or adult, if we don’t take into account their breathing and sleeping patterns
To read a detailed summary of the discussion or to listen to the full episode and subscribe to The 1% Podcast click here.

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