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January 18


The 1% Extra: The Best of Performance.

Welcome to this week’s The 1% Extra Newsletter. This week I included some clips from our Season 6 Highlights of The 1% Podcast, as well as why ”Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (Mostly) Wrong” should be on your reading list.
I’ve shared some interesting articles that got me thinking like ”Why Patience is a Virtue in Leaders” and a video of a short surfing documentary.
Thanks for your continued support and I hope you enjoy the newsletter.
Have a great weekend,
Quote Worth Thinking About
“Every skill you have today was once unknown to you. The human brain is a learning machine. Stick with it.”
— James Clear
Book & Video Recommendations
Eric Barker is a Popular blogger who has shared science on how to live a successful life – he claims that what we consider success is usually wrong.
In the book he goes into defining what success is, and how to achieve it, and backs it up with his usual scientific research and data.
Overall it’s a really enjoyable read and is packed with usable advice. In ways he reminds you of the writing style of Malcolm Gladwell, in that he has an easy, humorous style of writing but its very informative at the same time. Also, at the end of each chapter he gives you actionable content which is really useful.
One study in the book, which gives a sense of what the book is – a survey of high-achieving professionals and executives to see what prevented these people from feeling successful – they found only 4 area needed to focus on to achieve ‘the feelings of success’
1. Achievement – feel like you are winning
2. Legacy – feel like you are influencing
3. Significance – feel like you are needed
4. Happiness – feel like you are enjoying
 (spot the acronym)
Overall, it’s a useful and enjoyable read and all the material is well researched and backed up.
The short documentary Live to Sea offers a rich sense of the feeling of freedom, and the connection with nature that comes with surfing. It is also beautifully shot.
But another theme also pulses through the film and transforms its story into one that resonates in unexpected ways. Freddie Meadows, the Swedish surfer at the centre of this video, speaks frequently of his dreams, not just in the sense of aspirations and objectives, but also as something akin to visions. To be sure, this more mystical strand of his dream is inseparable from his primary goal, which is to find the rare and elusive waves. 26 minute watch
Recent Performance Articles Worth Reading
The majority of us want to be happy, and for some it’s something we are constantly striving towards, but which may not always seem attainable. In this short piece by Alessandra Elise, she takes us through important aspects related to happiness, and what we should know and be aware of in order to succeed in being so.
She focuses on the definition of happiness and it’s true meaning, as defined by millennia, philosophers and scholars through the ages. She then moves on to measuring happiness, which as we learn from the piece, can be done using three standard methods. These are the economic approach, the sociological method and finally the psychological approach.
It really hones in on the power of self-assessment in attaining and retaining happiness, and is a quick eye-opener for anyone interested in the concept of happiness itself and essentially pop psychology in general. 2 minute read
I often think about leadership and in this article, author Ritch K. Eich investigates the components of the leadership acronym P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E:
Nurturing nature
I found this especially interesting because in his examples and discussions, Eich isn’t just thinking about traditional leadership – as he calls it “CEOs or four-star generals”. He talks about Rosa Parks, the Nobel Peace Prize and women’s basketball.
This is a thoughtful take on what can be a laboured subject and well worth a read.  4 minute read
I really like Nir Eyal’s way of simplifying things we can do to improve team effectiveness. In this article Nir references the five drivers of retention and quality team outcomes from a report by Google:
Structure and Clarity
Meaning of Work
Impact of Work
Psychological Safety
Nir dives into Psychological Safety which he deems by far the most important and which I agree underpins the other four. This sense of having team members feel free to speak their minds and express ideas might seem obvious but can be difficult to achieve and easy to damage.
In another concise but interesting read, Nir gives us five simple ways to foster psychological safety in your team and/or company’s culture. 4 minute read
That’s a wrap! Season 6 of the One Percent Podcast is now in all podcast stores.
We pulled together a recap episode for you this week, featuring short clips from some of the great moments in the podcast’s sixth season. We were fortunate to have incredible leaders from across industries, disciplines, and fields share their stories and perspectives – and we wanted to share them with you as we wrap up Season 6 and look ahead to the seventh season.
Here are some of the guests and clips from Season 6 featured in this wrap-up episode:
This podcast includes extracts from the following episodes:
1: Tim Harkness (Psychologist and Sports Scientist, and Head of Sports Science and Psychology at Chelsea Football Club) discusses the purpose of communication, how to deal with disputes, and understanding the PERMA acronym.
2:  John Doran (Teacher and Guidance Counsellor, and Board Member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation) unpacks the meaning behind well-being, the ‘Mind your MEDS’ acronym he teaches people, and how we can fulfil the potential of young people.
3: Dr Krystal Culler (Founder of Your Brain Health Matters) describes ‘brain health’, provides practical steps to reduce long-term stress, and explains what neuroplasticity is and how it can help us.
4: Trish Murphy (Psychotherapist and Trainer) shares why we need to be our whole self before we enter a healthy relationship, ways to confront our biggest fears through small ones, and the importance of attitude.
5. Damian Browne (former Irish rugby player turned extreme adventurer) deep dives into maintaining core values and what his relationship with fear looks like.
To read a detailed summary of the discussion or to listen to the full episode and subscribe to The 1% Podcast click here.
If you enjoyed this episode of the podcast, here are some more you may appreciate…
Season 5 Highlights Here are some of the guests and clips from Season 5 featured in this wrap-up episode:
Suzanne Dempsey (Deputy CEO and the Director of Nursing at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin) , Bryan Burnstein (Director of Performance Science for Kitman Labs, formerly Head of Performance Science at Cirque de Soleil), Kingsley Aikins (CEO of The Networking Institute), Ade McCormack (Technologist & Author) and Enda McNulty (All Star, leading performance coach and motivational speaker).
Season 4 Highlights Here are some of the guests and clips from Season 4 featured in this wrap-up episode:
Stephen Smith of Kitman Labs (Founder and CEO), Robbie Cannon (CEO of the GPA, formerly Dublin GAA player), Jamil Quereshi (High performance expert and psychologist), Motty Varghese (Registered Sleep Technologist), Mark Beaumont (British long-distance cyclist, broadcaster and author), Joey Boland (Former Dublin hurler and founder of Sports Physio Ireland) and Fergus Connolly (global human performance thought leader and influencer).

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