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Welcome to this week’s The 1% Extra Newsletter. This week I included some clips from our latest episode of The 1% Podcast which features our Season 7 Highlights, as well as why ”’Listen Like You Mean It: Reclaiming the Lost Art of True Connection” should be on your reading list.
I’ve shared some interesting articles that got me thinking likeMemories: Can You Trust Them? and a video of a Bach cello piece played on top of a mountain.
Thanks for your continued support and I hope you enjoy the newsletter.
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Quote Worth Thinking About
”You can do it, 
Only you can do it, 
You cannot do it alone. 
If you take care of your people, you will never be alone.” 
– Patrick Henry Winston
Book & Video Recommendations
Listening is often described as a superpower and it is always evident when you meet a good listener, although there is seldom a direction in which to improve listening.
This new books sheds light on how to build your listening skills, in both work and personal settings, and gives real-life examples that are both interesting and practical. Easy and interesting read and if you want to cultivate a listening mindset and improve your conversations, this book will help.
Why would you carry an expensive cello up a mountain? Why would you want to play the cello on top of a mountain? This short, strangely engaging video explains why, which highlights that the hours of practice to become a classical musician, which are never seen by an audience, are swapped here for a physical journey that transcends the commonplace… and the cello imitates the human voice, which I never knew! 
Recent Performance Articles Worth Reading
There is a lot of research by the likes of Elizabeth Loftus and Lisa Barrett Feldman which debunk the way our brains work including areas such as emotion and memory. The old idea of our memory being like a hard drive where we store and retrieve data, is not accurate.
Rather our memory, like a lot of functions in the brain, is an interactive process and we fill in gaps from what we know about the world.
2 minute read
This is an article that when you see the heading you agree but when you look at how often it happens in practice it is a different matter. Central to the article is the effect of symbolic awards, that is, non-monetary awards on staff well-being and productivity.
Part of the research (which was on public sectors workers) involved sending symbolic awards to staff home addresses, which resonates more in the WFH environment. The quick takeaway is that symbolic awards increase engagement and possible productivity and there are several tips on how to approach this and tailor the awards.
3 minute read
Steve Job’s has long said that his favourite way to take a meeting is by walking. During a leisurely stroll is when he would make the majority of his business calls. In our new WFH environment this rings true now more than ever.
Taking a meeting while walking has clear health benefits for both participants and the meeting itself. Miao Cheng from Hong Kong University’s Department of Psychology conducted a study into the effect walking had on two people. They matched up 257 pairs of people and the pairs gave impressions of each other prior to taking a quarter-mile walk together. It showed that people who conversed on such trips got to like each other much more than those that didn’t. Beneficial for both your physical and mental health as well as your working relationships!
4 minute read
We pulled together a recap episode for you this week, featuring short clips from some of the great moments in the podcast’s seventh season. We were fortunate to have incredible leaders from across industries, disciplines, and fields share their stories and perspectives – and we wanted to share them with you as we wrap up Season 7 and look ahead to the eighth season.
 Here are some of the guests and clips from Season 7 featured in this wrap-up episode:
  • Gary Keegan (the Founder and CEO of Uppercut, a High Performance Consultancy) discusses his high performance philosophy.
  • Dan Hill (President of Sensory Logic, podcast host and author) explores how facial coding reveals a person’s character and how to develop your emotional EQ.
  • David Coleman (Clinical Psychologist and Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of Psychology, UCD) dissects what we can do, as parents, to help our children adapt and be successful, and the role of empathy.
  • Pat Byrne (Co-Founder of Byrne Fatigue Consulting, and Co-author of ‘Inconvenient Sleep: Why Teams Win and Lose’) explains how much sleep we actually need, taking reaction time tests and what happens when you sleep too much.
  • Patrick McKeown (breathing practitioner, author, and founder and Director of Training and Education at Buteyko Clinic International) runs through why we need to use our lungs more – from nasal breathing, the Wim Hof Method and what simple exercises you can do to incorporate in your daily life.
This podcast includes the following extracts:
1: Emotional Displays: Dan Hill talks about obvious signs and emotional displays which shows a person’s character.
2: Breathing and Sleep: Patrick McKeown talks about the importance of breathing through your nose during sleep.
3: How Much Sleep Do We Need: Pat Byrne looks at how an individual’s needs vary from person to person in relation to the optimum hours of sleep needed.
To read a detailed summary of the discussion or to listen to the full episode and subscribe to The 1% Podcast click here.

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